November 22 1997

Through the crush of gyrating bodies; shining with glitter and perspiration, I felt compelled to turn.

Howie was illuminated in an eerie blue light cast from a strobe. Sin carved from flesh and bone, he beckoned me forth with his brandied smoked eyes.

In that terrifying instance, I obeyed. Drifting past dancing couples towards him, I was close now. The velvet dark eyelashes brushed the skin of his cheeks as his gaze flared over me.

I reached out with trembling fingers to touch his brow, trace the shape of his nose to linger at his generous mouth. My heart quickened as his breath whispered over the tips of my fingers.

I blinked as Howie stepped back into the shadows. Startled I reached for him as he disappeared.

“No,” I whispered, “I wont lose you!”

Quickly I hastened after him. In and out of the shadows Howie weaved further and further away from me until I seemed to be lost in the darkness.

The chill from the night air penetrated through my clothes, uneasiness crept over me. I could not see past the darkness swallowing me.

A cry escaped my lips as a howl shatter the night. I hesitated turning towards the sound.

The howl came again its roar, grating viciously over my ears. I stirred, seeking the sound from whence it came. Through the clamour of my pounding heart I reached out with my hands. My fingertips scraping brick. I sought out the wall, allowing touch to be my eyes.

My breath sounded harsh in the silence of the night, fear shredded at me, through my skin into my soul as I inched deeper into the carnivorous alley. I hesitated when I heard it.

The violent staccato of someone breathing.

“Howie?” I whispered. A light glimmered, suddenly flaring against my eyes. My hands rose to shield myself. Peeking through my fingers, I strained to see.

Drifting between shadow and light a creature hovered above a prone form. I stumbled back, a hand flying over my mouth to stifle a cry.

Sensing my presence, the creature raised his head, locking his eyes with mine. Wide-eyed I took a step back.

The creature flung his victim aside, the body hurtling into nearby garbage cans then laid unmoving.

A low growl erupted from the creatures throat startling me. My eyes flew to his. The creature hunched down, the muscles of his thighs taut and corded. The muscles of shoulders bunched, his eyes hypnotically pinning me to the spot. Waiting to pounce.

There was an unnatural familiarity of the creature’s features. Snarling, the creature lunged towards me. The force of his body colliding with mine knocked us both to the ground.

I cried out as the skin of my back grated over the gravel, the pain unbearable. Whimpering, I gathered the tattered remnants of my courage and lifted my eyes. Through the shimmery veil of tears, my vision focused on the creature’s features.

The tortured depths within his eyes whispered to me. Trembling I reached out. The creature shied away from my touch, a snarl curling his lips. I froze. Somewhere within in my soul, emotions stirred, awakening in realisation.

“Howie?” I choked out in confusion.

Howie’s hunger glazed eyes barely focused on me before he was bristling.

“You shouldn’t be here!” Howie’s voice was barely fathomable in its raw fury. His bestial beauty was enthralling as it was frightening.

Blood glistened upon his lips and I could smell hunger as well as my fear. It was out of breathless curiosity that my fingers discover the animalistic lines of his face. The flaring of his nostrils as his smelled me, he nuzzled my wrist, his movement becoming violent.

In dazed wonder I watched his fangs unsheath and whisper over my skin. I shivered at the unsettling caress the cold sharp teeth his teeth created.

I wanted to share his hunger to feed him, to taste his frustration.

With my free hand I stroked the tangle mess of his hair from his face, pinning the silky strands back with my fingers. The touch of his mouth upon my wrist sent my heart racing. He teased the tender skin gently, tracing the veins there gently with his tongue.

Without warning Howie broke the skin of my wrist, sinking his teeth in, I gasped. My fingers tightened in his hair.

I was unprepared for the rush that gripped me as he drank greedily.

Hot fire slaked over my skin, centering between my legs.

Howie withdrew his head from my wrist, and covered my mouth with his. There was nothing tentative or gentle about his kiss, I could taste the warm bite of blood upon his lips and tongue.

I should have been repelled but I was hungry, for more. Howie’s hands were on my jaw, caressing the line of it, following the curve of neck till he circled my throat.

He arched my head back, exposing the racing pulse. His mouth followed where his fingers had touched, lingering over my throat.

I was frantic now, each whisper of his tongue upon my skin only provoked the fire to burn hotter, to engulf my blood in a fiery tempest. His lips made me ache as they parted over my vulnerable skin.

I felt him move then, his teeth sank deep . I arched crying out as the fire spun out of control.

Howie stirred. “its almost sunrise.” he murmured.

I didn’t answer.

“You cant stay here” he said lifting me up.

“I didn’t expect to see another sunrise,” I slowly stroked his face, “Never again.”


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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