Apprehension formed a heavy ball in Whiskey’s stomach. Something was wrong. She could feel it in her taut muscles. Her fingers itched. She hated that. Something horrible always went wrong when her fingers itched.

Sweat curled the fine hair at the base of her nape. It was hot under her helmet, she wore a bandanna underneath to keep the tangled mass of her hair out of her face. It was already beginning to dampen with sweat. Her black matte frames felt tight on the bridge of her nose, it deflected the glare from the sun. She re positioned the Remington against her shoulder and checked her sights.

From her position on the North east side of the building, Whiskey had  her target entering the concourse. Flanked by four members of Alpha team.

Something resembling pride swelled within her chest, as she noted Alpha Team’s careful regard of their surroundings. Whiskey – herself was a rookie, having worked hard, had earned herself on this operation, a high angled position. In a building across from the Seasons hotel.

The Seasons hotel was four story high, with an open concourse that had an outdoor cafe, a little swimming pool and hot tub. All of which in Whiskey’s mind made it easy for someone with her caliber or lesser of skill to open fire on her target. She had suggested that the Target enter the building from Charlie- from the rear of the structure. Operations had disregarded her suggestion, in fact disregarded the need for a safe house altogether.

Whiskey clenched her jaw. “Phoenix, what is your David.” she muttered. Phoenix had secured the building, maintaining his position at Charlie to maintain cover. The radio cackled in her ear. “This is Phoenix, the perimeter is cleared.” a disembodied voice grated out. “You are a go November.”

Whiskey grunted. With another cursory scan, she checked the rest of the area. Lobby, elevator. mezzanine.

her belly was aching from the uneasiness that was relentlessly growing. She could hear November’s acknowledgement. November hated Whiskey using the Ten Code, much less over a radio. Once a cop always a cop. November was moving the Alpha Team past the pool  now, their target tight between them.

You are a go!” the voice shouted. She made another check. The four men moved into her cross sights. Dress sharply in business suits.

“Looking fine, Alpha Team.” Whiskey commented offhandly.

“Inappropriate, but noted. Keep radio silent. Whiskey.” came November’s reply.

Movement out of the southwest corner of the building below her caught Whiskey’s attention. She swung her sights down. “Hold up Alpha team.” she muttered.

Fauna obscured the entry way to the elevators, but she was sure she had seen the doors open.

“Phoenix,I thought you said it was cleared.” Whiskey muttered. She shifted her weight, her sight on the elevator. However the Fauna made it impossible to see anyfurther.  “Alpha Team hold your position.” Whiskey swung her sights back on the Alpha Team. They had taken the Target out of her sight. Out of the line of the elevator. Shit!

“Alpha Team what is your David!” she demanded. there was silence, just a cackle of static. Then came November’s voice.

“On your Delta!” which meant on the right side of the building. There was barely cover. “Phoenix! Confirm the elevators are clear!” November hissed.

The gnawing sense of uneasiness was clawing up her throat. Her heart was kicking hard in her chest.

There was silence. “Phoenix! Confirm the elevators are clear!” Whiskey demanded. There was too long of silence. Her fingers were itching now. Something was definitely wrong. Her instincts were screaming at her to get out of Dodge. To pull her team out. Her instincts were rarely wrong.

She adjusted her sights again, re positioning herself to get a hard cover on the elevator. Her fingers were really itching now. “Alpha Team. This is Phoenix.” the radio cackled. “Elevator is cleared.”

Whiskey frowned. The elevator door  had not moved. Had not closed.

“That is a negative. I repeat Alpha Team! Maintain your position!” she hissed. “Phoenix what is your David?” After a moment, of scanning the interior,she had him now in her sights. he had  moved from his position.From his current position, on the mezzanine he had an excellent view of the concourse. Of the target

What the hell was going on? She could see the out line of his body flattened on the floor, through the rail she could see his rifle similar to his prop on his shoulder. His sight not on the elevator but on Delta.

She swung her sights back to her right. Alpha team had formed a man made barricade around the Target. Their Sigs drawn. With sick realisation dawning, Whiskey swung her sight back on Phoenix. November was in Phoenix’s line of fire.

The radio cackled breaking in. “November, You are clear for a go!”

Whiskey swore under her breath.

“That is a negative!’ Whiskey hissed.

She could hear November ordering her to back up Phoenix’s confirmation. Her brow was wet with perspiration. Her sight was locked on Phoenix. She watched him. Debating whether or not he was going to take the shot, Whiskey was not going to risk it.

“Alpha team, Phoenix is hostile. Maintain your position!” she shouted. “Phoenix is hostile!”

Chaos erupted.

In her cross sights, Whiskey could see the recoil of Phoenix’s rifle. Without hesitating she took her shot. Phoenix went down. She shifted her position, seeking Alpha team and her target. “November this is Whiskey…”

Whiskey could hear the tremor in her voice. “Whiskey we are a go.” November murmured. “And Phoenix?”

“Hostile has been terminated.” she said her stomach pitching. “You are Clear for a go.”


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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