I dragged Chad into the room and shut the door. We were in complete darkness, all alone and ready. I found Chad’s face with my hand, and pressed my lips against his.

His hands were moving all over my body, grabbing my ass and then moving up my shirt, just sliding over my breasts. Thumbing my nipples. His lips forced mine apart and fought my tongue with his. His hands slid up my back and with one swift motion, unclasped my bra. He immediately grabbed my nipples and twisted them, making me moan. It was deliciously painful, little shivers of pleasure shot through me.

His mouth released mine, his mouth seeking my throat, down my chest.He started to suck and lick my nipples through my bra. I gasped, wiggling against him. His mouth was wetting the fabric, nipping the sensitive flesh. My fingers were in his hair, tugging on him urging him on.

He moaned and pulled my shirt over my head and threw it on the floor with my bra. I turned him around and pushed him to the edge of the table. I trailed my finger down his chest right down his abdomen until my fingers hit his belt. I fumbled with his belt. He laughed hoarsely, as I was all thumbs, his forehead touched mine as I finally got the belt open.

I unbuttoned Chad’s jeans and pushed my hand into his boxers, grabbing his cock, and slowly rubbing up and down. Chad gasped and moaned with every stroke, making him harder and harder. I couldn’t believe how big he was, his cock was making me so wet, so ready for him to throw me on the table and fuck the shit out of me. He then grabbed my hips, turned me around, and pushed me down on the table. He started to dry hump me from behind, making me feel his hard cock right near my pussy. I moaned and grinded against his cock while he humped.

Chad unbuttoned my pants and moved his finger slowly over my clit, making my legs nearly go limp to his touch. He started to rub harder, making my moans louder. Chad grabbed my ponytail. wrapping my hair around his other hand, kept humping me, pushing me into the table. Two fingers slid into me, shoving in and out of my soaking wet pussy.

I grabbed his hand to encouraging his movement, getting wetter with every touch he made. “Damn, I barely touched you and my hand is soaked,” He said pulling his hand out from my pants. “Nooooo…” I whimpered and I tried to grab his hand. He chuckled and turned me around. I could hear him pull off his shirt. In the darkness, I found his hips and pulled down his pants. Then, I found his waist band of his boxers, as I sank to my knees as I shoved them down to his feet.

“Good Girl,” Chad murmured. He tugged on my ponytail urging me forward until my lips brushed the head of his cock. I winced at the slight pain that hummed across my scalp, and down my body in electric sensations. I dragged my tongue across the head of his cock, tasting his pre-cum.

“Hmm yummy.” I purred. “I love the way you taste.”

He made a short, grunted moan. I wrapped my lips just around the tip of his cock, swirling my tongue all around, then I slid down as far as I could go with his cock in my mouth. About halfway. I grabbed his balls, feeling them tighten in response. I gave a firm squeeze every time I moved up and down his cock.

His moans were getting louder as I sucked and squeezed, he moved his hips in rythm. and I moved faster. “Oh fuck. Rebecca…” He moaned as he gripped my short hair, now starting to face fuck me. My hands slid up to his ass, stroking it caressing his skin. Letting him feel my nails. He gripped my hair in response.

I could tell he was close. I swirled my tongue everywhere around his cock. “Rebecca, I’m going to cum.” He moaned as he moved my head faster. I pulled away, “Cum for me…” I moaned and sucked his cock as hard as I could. He gasped loudly and shoved his cock hard in my mouth. His cum came shooting into my mouth, and good mouthful when he was finished. I swallowed.

I felt his hands touch my shoulders and he pulled me up. He kissed my breasts then sucked my sweet spot…my neck. I moaned and rubbed my clit, realizing my pussy was nearly dripping. “Chad…” He stopped and I could sense him looking at me through the darkness. I grabbed his hand and pushed his fingers into my pussy. “Holy shit.” He said moving his fingers around my clit.”you want it bad dont you? beg for it.”

“Please, Chad. ”

He smiled against my mouth. “You can do better than that.”

“Please, Ive been..”

“Youve been very bad.” Chad whispered. I ground myself against his hand.

“Dont tease me,” I croaked.

Chad laughed, “No, thats what you do.” he replied silkly.

His fingers slipped out of me. He gripped my face, finding my lips in the darkness. His mouth was hard relentless.

I shoved down my pants and he put me up on the table. He moved away and slid off my panties, his fingers immediately shoving in my pussy. Making me breath heavily and moan with every movement of his fingers. He then pulled out his fingers and then started to lick my clit. “Oh my god!” I yelled gripping his hair. He licked faster, making my squirm. I wanted him to stop, but I wanted his tongue so badly to continue. Then he slid his fingers back into me, hitting my g-spot with every shove.

“Chad, please fuck me!” I yelled. He stopped. “You better stay quiet,” he said pulling away, “Someone could find us and your pussy won’t be satisfied.” I moaned and spread my legs. “Please…” I heard him rip open a condom. After a minute I felt his hands slid up my thighs and grab my tits again. He then started to rub the tip of his cock on my clit. I moaned and wrapped my legs around his waist, trying to force him to put his cock in me. He slowly slid his cock into my pussy. My back arched as he put it all the way in. I could feel my dripping pussy quench his cock, tightening around it. He started to thrust slow, teasing me. Then gradually moved faster. “Yes. YES!” I moaned and he started to pound me. The table shook, as he pounded into me making me nearly scream. I kept moaning his name loudly, to ensure him that he was fucking the shit out of me.

I gripped the table with such force that I knew I was leaving nail marks into the surface. I felt myself drip down past my asshole and onto the table. He was thrusting so hard I could hardly moan anymore, he was gripping my thighs so hard.

He moaned so loudly, repeating, “Oh god, Rebecca…”

I started to feel my body start to shake. “Oh god! Chad! I’m going to cum!” I moaned loudly and gripped his shoulders. He pounded even harder, making me dig my nails into his shoulders. I gasped and I did a small squirt and felt my pussy squeeze his cock with all its might.

Chad pulled out, I made a small whimper of protest. He hauled me to my feet, and he whirled me over. Pushing my face down.

His cock slid up and down my ass cheeks. “Come on, Chad what are you doing…” I sighed.

“Im going to fuck your ass,” he whispered. The slow burn of his cock pushing past the tight ring of my ass made me gasp. He held me down. “Easy…”

“Damn that feels so..” I sighed. he pushed another inch, sinking deeper until I felt his balls slap against my buttocks.

“So tight..” Chad grunted.

After a few thrusts, his cock was pounding deep, hard fast.

I closed my eyes, my pussy clenched and unclenched involuntarily, my juices spilled over my folds. I reached under myself to play with my clit.I felt my legs tightening. I closed my eyes and moaned loud and long. My body began to shake, my legs twitching, my thighs tight. My pussy began to pulse.

“Yeah thats it..” Chad grunted, he shoved his fingers up my pussy. “Take it! Take my cock.” I let out a moan as he worked his fingers in and out in time with his cock.

“Oh my god.” I let out a cry and rocked against him, “Im cumming fuck me hard..oh shit!”

I couldnt breathe, my heart was racing, my body was seized with tiny tremours as my orgasm went thru me. I laid on the table, aware he was still pounding me. I squeezed my ass around him.

“I’m gunna cum.” He moaned. He kept thrusting, I felt him stiffen behind me.”FUUUCCKKK!” He yelled.

He held himself over me, breathing heavily, he eased his fingers out of me. My ponytail was released. I could feel a couple drops of sweat fall on my back.. As I pushed myself up, He slid out of me. I wiggled onto my back. I smoothed his sweat damp hair from his face. He found my lips again and gave me a very passionate, lust filled kiss.


  1. O baby… plss come to me.. i want to fuck u baby.. i want to suck ur nipples and bite it hard.. i promise i would fuck u so nicely that u will cherish it..:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*


  2. omg stumbled across site & my hand fumbling for my zipper immediately. Cock was already leaking pre-cum by the time it was in my hands. How to keyboard one-handed now-and not come on my keyboard. Thanks you


  3. that’s lovely……I wrote some like that to my school friend once over phone text and she moaned and got wet and asked me to stop writing…..:)…..nicely done…..have to go through all your writings….:)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So would I….I mean him that drives it deep and hard! Rough sex maybe boo-hoo’d by a lot of people, but once you experience it, you most likely won’t return to “Vanilla”


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