Today was Sexual Innuendo day.

God help me, by the time my breakfast came my stomach couldnt stop churning. I really hate having an over active imagination, and a weak stomach!

Let me explain, how the game goes. For the weak stomach people such as myself, sometimes it goes too far.

Rules: 2 or more people. Preferably women. some men can play. Keegan tried to figure out what Treesa and I were playing, he couldnt do it. When we finally told him, he was so traumatized he refused to play.

  • Decide on any object doesnt matter what kind, can be an animal, inanimate object, food etc.  The bigger the better.
  • this object has to somehow fit in a woman’s vagina.
  •  Then go up to another person who is playing with you, and say IE:  “Train.”
  • and gleefully watch as that person cringes in horror, as they picture a train ploughing into a woman’s vagina! Oh the pain!

The best reaction Treesa and I ever had, was Piranha. We were clutching our boxes the entire breakfast, cringing! Could you imagine? Piranhas in a woman’s pussy?! holy son of a bitch!

That is the gist of the game.


This morning Treesa and I were playing the game. She looks over at the smoothie machine then at me. Her expression sly and fiesty.  “The smoothie machine.”

I just about died. Omg! Ouch!

‘No!” I said. “Uh why is my smoothie a different color?” I asked pretending to be a customer. Referring to the fact, the smoothie machine was pumping out jizz and not smoothie.

Andrea pipes out. “Extra creamy.”

My stomach starts churn. “Oh god, its lighter than usual.” I went on as the pretend customer. “Is it a new flavour?”

“Why is there hair in my smoothie?” Andrea asked. I started to gag.

“Pubic hair in my smoothie, hmm so yummy!” I said.

Oh my god we were so into the game, I was literally making myself nauseated picturing all these nasty fiascos happening.

I had to put down some hashbrowns for an order.

Treesa and I looked at each other. “Sweater, Treesa?” I asked.

“Extra wooley!” she said.

Zack thought I had said spider. He was talking about this spider incident. What the hell are you talking about, Zack.

“Sweater, Zack! I said sweater! Do you even know what that means!” I demanded.

He glared at me. “Yes I do, I was right there when you explained it.” wow that was a long ago. hmm, I dont remember. Then he starts to talk about sweater.

Sweater refers to the unshaven area of a person’s pubic area.

Thats when Zack said to Andrea. “Push your face right in it”  I almost threw up. Oh I couldnt handle the imagery! Oh that is so wrong!!!!

“Zack loves woolly sweaters!” I said.

Oh I got a glare, Treesa and Andrea start laughing.

“No burrito for you!” he says after the laughter died down. He was withholding my customer’s order of burritos.  He was also referring to cock.

“No taco for you.” I said. Referring to pussy.

I dont know remember who said something to Zack, but he says he got kaylea pregnant.

I smirked. “I was going to say something.”

he hates it when I bring up any guy being with Kaylea first. mostly my boo. he gets so pissed.

Then Baby Dragon and I are in First.

She is commenting on how I am not dating. She was going to set me up, just as a hot guy drove up to the window.  She pointed out she was going to set me up with him. I laughed. Ok not going to happen.

She asked if I was interested in guys. OF course i was.

Or, she says to me, maybe I like girls.

I smile evilly at her. With two fingers in the air, I held up two hands. Slowly folded my fingers on both, till only two fingers were up. I turned to one hand, slowly licked one. “Lick one” I said mischievously.

and then I turned to the hand and sucked the other two fingers. “Suck the other.”

Baby Dragon’s eyes were so wide. Then when I started to laugh at her expression, she started to laugh as well. “Hmm threesome.” I said.

“Ooh Becca, your gross!” she pinched me.


6 thoughts on “OH BECCA YOU ARE SO GROSS!

    1. yes it can be! but without it, it would be a very boring world! I love having such a fun imagination, sometimes its the bane of my existence. like when watching scary movies ha ha ha


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