Lately my dreams have been about survival.

What would I do in apocalypse, how would I survive it? (thankfully, none of the apocalyspes were zombie ones, but vampire ones! Always vampire! Hmm maybe like Day Break? instead of Walking Dead?)

What would I do in a kidnapping situation, how would I survive it?

What amazed me the most I think about my dreams is how I did manage to survive it. I was strong, I showed great leadership, fighting skills, and war strategy.

In reality, I don’t want anything to do with leadership roles, I don’t want to place myself in that kind of position or responsibility. Doesn’t mean I am not bossy. I couldn’t fight if my life depended on it, even though I took self defense courses. And Strategy? Come on! I cant even pronounce the word!

Makes me wonder why I am being shown this in the first place?

Though one dream made me feel indescribable loss. It made me feel grateful I didn’t have children, and at the same time I wanted children!

At one time, I did want children. I had their names picked out. I had chosen how many I wanted to have. 2 girls. 2 boys.  I also wanted to follow Wicca. So many wants. So many selfishness.

This dream was a mash up of those wants.

I was a powerful witch, I was married to Chad in a traditional handfasting. Within a year I was pregnant with twin boys. Chad was so estactic.

(Although in reality I have my childrens names picked out: Ryan Hugh Harrison ; and Jack Michael Paul ; and Tobias Prosper Blue… none of these names were used in my dream.)

I had decided to name them, Blain and Roman Blade. Blade for short.

I was unaware that a redhaired evil hag had known that i was a powerful witch. She was planning to kill me but decided that thru my sons she would gain more power.

It was time to give birth, and Blade was born first.  the warlock used her powers to steal him away and a few minutes later Blain was born.

Chad and I were told that Blade had died in delivery. i was devastated, but Chad was so consumed with grief it took him awhile to overcome it.

We recovered from Blade’s death, drawing on our love for each other, for strength, and for the son that lived. We werent going to sacrifice anymore time grieving,  we were going to spend it rejoicing in the fact Blade had lived, lived with us in my womb, and we rejoiced that Blain had lived, And rejoiced in each other, loving each other completely. Chad and I decided not to tell Blain he had a twin.

Chad and I built our lives around Blain, loving him giving him everything love could bring, and it did help that we were well off enough to live in a somewhat wealthy neighborhood.

When Blain’s 4th birthday rolled around, he began to insist we spend it in mexico.

“Why mexico?” we kept asking. He shrugged and said he wanted to go. Chad finally relented, and a couple of weeks before Blain’s birthday he rented a house not far from the beach. The neighborhood also had a pool.

Blain absolutely loved it, and he would often convince Chad to take him to the pool to play. He had his dad wrapped around his finger.

“Oh go on,” I said. “it gives me time to make you a cake.”

I was just mixing the batter, when Blain ran into the kitchen.

‘Mommy! mommy!” he panted. “Theres a boy who just looks like me!”

I frowned. “Its just the reflection of the water dear.” I muttered distractedly.

“Mommy he looks like me he talks like me. You gotta see!” This time it occurred to me what he was saying.

Chad walked in then, wrapping a towel around his lean frame, water dripping all over him.

“Dad! Come quick!” Blain kept tugging on his hand.

“What is it squirt?” he asked.

“There’s a boy just like me! He looks like me, talks like me!” he said excitedly.

Chad’s eyes clouded over, and he glanced at me. I could sense his thoughts even tho he hadnt spoken them outloud. Had Blain found out about his twin dying at birth?

“How about we checked out later huh squirt, your mom and I want to talk,”

Blain shook his head, “No dad now!” I frowned at Blain, normally Blain would have a little temper tantrum, then get over it, but he was adamant.

“Well I guess it wouldnt hurt,” I said washing my hands. Chad swung his son up onto shoulders. “But dont throw a tantrum like that again.” I said firmly.

Blain looked apologetic. “Sorry mommy.” Blain kept talking about his new best friend, as we walked to the beach.

“Look!” he suddenly shrieked, pointing excitedly. “There he is!” he wiggled. Chad reluctantly lowered Blain and he darted off into the crowd. A sense of unease crept down my spine and I reached for Chad. His hand gripped myne tightly. The crowd seemed to part. My eyes fell on the little boy playing in the sand.

It was as if someone struck me in the chest, I felt my heart stop I couldnt breathe. The little boy not only was identical to Blain, but there was confidence, confidence so similar to Chad’s.

“Oh my god,” Chad’s exclaimation was of shock and disbelief. The boy lifted his head, and our eyes met. A wave of acknowledgement hit me then. I couldnt look away. The boy dusted himself off and walked up to Chad.

“Hello Father,” he murmured. Chad couldnt speak, all color had drained from his face. A bubble of hysteria escaped my lips.

“Hello mommy,” he murmured, he even said mommy the way Blain said it. It had to be a manifestation, an astral projection Blain was somehow emitting. I reached out. My fingers touched his dark hair, so much like Chads. I let out a gasp. He was real, flesh and bone. What kind of madness is this?

“Its alright, mommy” The boy said gently, he patted my cheek. “I knew someday you’d come for me.”

“Blade?” I choked out. Chad pulled me back, but I twisted free. He was my son I knew he was. Deep in my soul my heart, I knew my son, and he was here. Alive and oh so alive. I gathered him in my arms, breathing in his scent. Blade seemed so accepting, winding his arms around me.

Chad took a step forward, I could sense his reluctance. I Looked up at my husband. ‘Its alright, Chad” I smiled thru my tears. “He’s our son.” A low sound erupted from Chad’s throat and I found myself crushed against Chad, our sons between us.

“How is this possible?” Chad whispered, crouching low to examine Blade. Blade smiled, “Fate, father.”

Blade was unlike any other boy, I soon discovered. Where Blain was rambunctious and ever questioning, Blade was the opposite. Calm and full of the answers Blain needed. blain was very accepting of Blade, glad to have a big brother, they were inseparable. Blade seemed take the role of Big Brother very seriously, teaching Blain about the neccessity of life, to nuture it like his powers. to revere life and not to use his power for personal gain.

Blade seemed to be connected to everything, earth and all her elements. I could sense he was connected to the Other world as well. To the spirit world. Was that how he knew who we were. I asked one day, Blade simply smiled. “Mommy all that I am is because of you and Dad.”

Although we question him on how came to be here in Mexico, Blade would get a clouded look. “She brought me here.” then left it at that.

“He was abandoned,” Chad whispered. I lifted my head from his chest. “She stole our son then abandoned him.” The clouds of anguish and rage darkened my husband’s eyes. I touched his cheek. “Maybe she was afraid,” he went on. “He is equally powerful as you, Becky.” I smiled ruefully.

“You sensed that too,” I kissed his chest where his heart beat so reverently. “Its more than that.” I murmured. ‘I can sense it.” Chad stroke his hand thru my hair, thru his touch I could feel his tension. Then as quickly as it came, his misgivings died and joy ignited.

“He has a wicked pitch,” Chad murmured. I smiled at him, Chad was devastating handsome, but the happiness he exuded made him more beautiful. It was as if Blade had lit some dark part of him with hope and love. Chad was a new man, rejoicing in his sons, in his wife, in his life and it showed with every gesture and every word. “I love you,” he whispered. I reached up to kiss him, til we were both breathless. “I love you,” I murmured.

The next year was full of love and laughter, Blade and Blain grew into rumbunctious kids. Blade had felt comfortable enough to reveal that the woman who kidnapped him was indeed a witch, and attempt to corrupt him for evil purposes. He was calm about it, as if it hadnt affected him at all. I felt compelled then to protect my sons even more.  Close to their fifth birthday, Blade started demanding we go to Mexico. Something shouldve warned me that it was a bad idea to go back to mexico. My BOS was missing, but I was so happy to even realise the omnious hand Fate had left to deal us.

Stretched out in the sand, I grimaced when a shadow fell over me. I opened my eyes. Chad towered over me, he then stretched himself out on the blanket beside me.

“Where are the boys?” I asked.

“In the pool,” he sighed. “I’m not sure I like the whole idea of letting them be by  themselves. Even tho its closely supervised.” he tweaked my nose. “Youre burning.”

I stuck my tongue out at him, “Well its close to supper,” I rolled over ontop of him. “I’m hungry.” He laughed,

“Youre always hungry!!!” he kissed me, his mouth on mine hard and ravenous. We broke apart.

“You too huh?” I kissed his sunbrowned shoulder. “Why dont you order something and I’ll get the kids?”

He stretched and sat up. “You trust me to do that? We might be eating iguana fajitas.”

I laughed. “Get up lazy ass!” I dusted myself off and walked to the pool.

“Blain!” I shrieked when my son launched himself at me, getting me all wet.

“Mommy is it time for cake?” he asked. I laughed and wrapped a towel around him,

“Sure, where is your brother?” Blain frowned and glanced behind him, “He was here just a minute ago,” he said. “Blade come on, Mommie says we can have cake!” There was no answer just the shriek of laughter from other kids.

Unease crept up my spine. “Blade honey time to get out of the water!” I called out. “Blade!” I glanced at Blain. “Why dont you see if Daddy is up yet, I left him on the beach.”

“But mommy, you promised..”

“Blain do it now,” I couldnt keep the unease from consuming me. Something was wrong, I could do more than sense it I could feel it.

“Yes mommy.”

“Hurry,” I watched him dart off towards the beach house. Unease quickly ignited to panic as I searched the crowd for my son. Why had I left him here. I wondered. Tears blinded my vision. Please Goddess dont let me lose my son again. Not again.

I was compelled to walk towards the pool, as if something was calling me there. “Blade honey?” I called out. Death emmanated from the blue depths  “No..No..” I choked. “Blade, mommies coming!” I dove into the pool, the rich pool depths quickly becoming murky and dark as the water closed over me. At first I couldnt see, the chlorine stinging my eyes. I forced myself to ignore it. I had to find my son. IT was then I saw it. A huge hole at the bottom of the pool. It was as if the earth had been ripped open into a dark cavernous abyss. I swam closer, he was here. My lungs screamed for air, but I refused to surface. My son needed me. With powerful strokes I swam into the hole. Darkness made it impossible to see, but I was determined. I saw him then, my son floating lifelessly. NO!!!! my mind shrieked. I gathered my son into my arms. His eyes were open, but there was no life in their depths. I felt anguish fill me. I had to get him air.

I kicked around, but as I had started to swim upwards, there was a horrible rumbling sound. I watched as the concrete, and earth fold back in itself. I was trapped.

Nearly choking on panic, I felt hopelessness and anguish war within me, fueled by rage. My blood began to hum ,as I summoned whatever power I had. Raising my hand, I let my energy erupt forth, in a blinding white fire. The force of the blast exploded, ripping the earth open. I burst free of the water, hovering above the pool. Gasping painfully, I ignored the shrieks of shock and disbelief from the onlookers down below. I cradled my wet cold son to my chest.

“Blade,” I whispered. “Mommies here. Breathe honey.” It was no use, my son was dead. I let out a shriek of anguish. Sobbing, into my son’s hair, I rocked him.

“Becky!” I saw Chad then, Bursting through the crowd. Our eyes locked. “Its alright, Blade.” I pressed a kiss to his cold skin. “Go to daddy.” Blade’s form began to shimmer, fading slowly, before reappearing hovering just before Chad.

Utter devastation ravaged Chad’s features then. He caught his son in his arms, his knees buckling beneath him. Son and father sank to the sand. “Blade? Son?” he choked. “No..no..NO!!!” he flung his head back, his scream of anguish unlike any sound I ever heard.”NOOOO!!!”

I hovered in midair, too shocked too full of anguish to move. Chad’s anguish emmanted shrouding me in a black despair. My son was dead, I lost him a second time. How? I felt consumed then, by a rage much darker than anything Ive ever experienced. I lifted my head to the heavens. “Show me who did this!” I shrieked. “Show me who killed my son! Reveal to me my son’s murderer!” my voice was like thunder, battering the heavens.

The water in the pool began to bubble then, drawing my dark eyes down. tiny crab like creatures began to crawl out of the water. Snaking and pinching its way thru the crowd of screaming people. The crowds dispersed, people climbing and fighting their way as the creatures attacked them.

“Enough!” I raged. “Reveal!” the creatures made a shrieking sound as they suddenly disappeared in a poof of ash. There at the crux was a redhaired woman. Just like Blade’s description.

“You!!!” she hissed, “Dare come against me!” She flung an energy ball at me.

“Deflect!” I waved my hand the energy ball exploded, I staggered however.

“You stole my son’s life once before, witch!” I shrieked. “For what purpose to corrupt him. That wasnt enough you killed my SON!!!” I began to chant then. “Elements of Earth give me your power. Elements of Fire give me your power. elements of air and water give me your power. I invoke thee give me your power!!!”

The earth began to rumble then, I felt every nerve and cell awaken as if in deep sleep. My blood hummed louder, I felt sensations unlike I ever experienced errupt within me. Fire sparked at my feet, circling me, till it seemed I was one with the element.

The evil witch threw another ball of energy but I looked at it. It froze then shattered. “You killed my son, you took his life.” my voice seemed thicker darker, booming. “His blood is on your hands.”

Blood seemed to gather on the witch. It began on her skin as little spots, growing to lesions. “Blood of my blood, taken against your time, ” I whispered. “Seek your justice upon the one who took you against your will, blood of mine slain.”   The witch began to shriek as tiny tendrils leaped off her skin, blood bound her fast, then began to glow. IT was her eating her from the inside out, then exploded.

Seething with rage,I glanced down at Chad and Blain. Both were still cradling Blade. Chad gathered his son into his arms, and climbed to his feet. “Becky?” he choked. “its over,” I felt my anger dissapate.

Without warning, dark clouds gathered over me. Startled I looked up. “You dare to invoke our power for evil!!!” an inhuman voice boomed in my ears.

“It wasnt for evil,” I cried. “It was for justice. My son is dead!”

“You invoked our power for vengeance, witch!”

Every cell and nerve humming with life seemed to fade to a whisper. I hovered in midair for a second longer than I was plummeting downward. “NooOO!!!” I shrieked. “I did it for justice!” But my plea went unheard, I hit the water with such force, agony ripped through me. Even as the water closed over me, darkness took me under.

Devasated, that Chad lost his wife and son on the same day, he raised his son alone. Knowing that somewhere I was alive, Chad sought out other witches and covens in order to find me. He raised our son in the wiccan way, nurturing our son’s power so it grew. He never gave hope that he would find me.

Because I used my power and invoked the power of the Goddess for personal gain, I was stripped of my power, my memory of my husband and my sons. as punishment was thrust into another dimension.

~                                               ~                                    ~

My sister convinced me to go out. Hanging out at the bar with my sisters friends was not exactly my idea of fun. I could sense I didnt belong here, I would wake up from nightmares that I couldnt understand.

Chad had used a powerful location spell that found me in this dimension. Using what he had learned in the past year, he cast a spell that brought him into my time. At first he wasnt sure where he was, then he realised he was in a local bar.

“Go from my side,” he ordered the small sprite of energy he had summoned. “seek what you must find.” the sprite darted off zigzaging thru the crowd. Chad followed.

There was a band playing, a Gwen Stefani look alike singing. I was staring morosely at the plate of cake I had ordered. The strawberry conocotion looked good. So I took a bite. Its sharp tangy sweet taste, bit my tongue. Without warning, images exploded in my mind. Startled I dropped my fork. What the?

The band sucked so bad, its sound was what brought me back. Two guys fighting sprawled into my table. “Damn it!” I scowled. “Why did I ever come out?” I stalked into the bathroom. The bathroom was weird, there were 4 stalls one behind the other. With dutch doors. So I was going to the bathroom. I heard two girls gossiping about the new guy in the bar, and how his name was Chad.

Chad, the name was familar. Finished, I washed my hands, and images of a beach suddenly exploded within me. It was windy and it blew sand in everywhich way. Two little boys playing… “Blade, Blain..” a man strode towards the boys. “Daddy!!” both shrieked as he lifted him in his arms. A woman came into view then, laughing. the woman. She  was me.

The slamming of the stall door broke me out of the reverie, suddenly sick. Full of unexplainable grief, I staggered out of the bathroom. It was me, that was me on the beach.

I sat down in my booth and took a bite of my cake. The cake I used to bake for my sons.

My sons? I frowned startled by that thought. Images upon images unleashed themselves, battering my mind.

“Stop it!” I shrieked, I staggered from the booth, into the crowd. ‘Stop its not true! Stop!!!” I collided into a man, hands caught me.

“Let me go!!!’ I struggled with the big galloot, lost in the tattered remnants of my memory. “Let me go I have to save my son!!!” I shoved at him but he wouldnt let go. “Dont worry Blade Mommy’s coming!!!”

As if he heard me, Chad halted. the sprite guiding him, suddenly zipped backwards thru the crowd.

“Chad? Oh my god where is our son!!!” still struggling with the big idiot, I fought harder. “Chad oh my god, where are you?”

The sprite suddenly appeared, compelling me to look up at its dancing form. The memories became clearer.

“I said let me go!!!” something within me awakened, with a sudden surge of power I shoved the man aside. He flew across the room, slamming into the wall.

“You know where he is?” I asked the sprite. “Show me.” The sprite began to dance then and darted off. I broke into a run, tears nearly blinding me.

“Chad!!!” i shrieked. Then there he was. His blond hair his confident stride, his face. We stood frozen almost afraid to speak. Then he was moving, catching me in his arms gathering me up close.

I felt safe then, as he swung me around and around. His mouth was everywhere, raining kisses upon my face, finding my mouth.

The sprite danced above our heads. “Its time to go Becky, I cant stay in this dimenison much longer,” he whispered.

“Take me home Chad, to our son.” I whispered. The sprite began to glow briter, enveloping us briter and briter till with a flash we were gone.

Everything was strange, standing in front of the home Chad and I had built. “How long?” I choked. “How long was I gone?”

Chad kissed the top of my head. “It would be a year today.”

“Our sons’ birthday,” I rasped. Chad hugged me close. “Where is he?” I asked softly. “Where is Blain?”

“Mommy?” the soft boy’s voice drew me about. Tears filled my eyes, my hand flew to my mouth to stifle the sob that threatened to escape. “Oh my sweet boy!!!” I flung open my arms as he launched himself at me. I began to cry.

“Dont cry mommy.” Blain kissed me.

“mommy is just happy,” Chad whispered.

“Oh she is so happy!!!” I kissed my boy all over his face. “My your big boy!”

“I’m six today.” he murmured. “Look what I can do.”

He waved his hand, and the area at our feet suddenly bloomed with flowers. My eyes widened in surprise.

“Wow!!!” I kissed his hand,”You learned that by yourself?”

“Daddy showed me,” Blain was going to say something else but he wiggled free and darted into the kitchen.

“You..” I raised my head, wiping my eyes frantically. “You raised him as Wiccan?”

Chad groaned, “I was about to renounce that part of our lives, but then that would be renouncing you. I never gave hope I would find you. I love you so much!!!” he rasped. I kissed him hungrily.

It was a while before I got used to the idea I was once again a witch, a wife and a mother. The year apart had caused some distance but each passing day brought us closer together. I dreaded Blain’s birthday, as it grew closer and closer.

“Did you have a funeral for Blade?” I asked softly.

Chad stopped stroking my hair. “What?”

“A funeral?” I whispered. “You never took me to his grave.”

Chad hugged me close, “I’ll take you tomorrow.”

I sighed, “You never answered my question did you have a funeral?”

“I mourned him,” Chad’s voice was tight.

I kissed him, “I know you did, but I want a funeral. I had a dream about last night. With white ribbons, we wont mourn his death but celebrate his life.”

Chad frowned. “You’re serious?”

“Of course. You dont approve?”

Chad smiled, “I love you.”

It took a great deal of planning, Blain insisted on celebrating his brother’s life on their birthday. “This time we’re not going to mexico,” Chad said firmly.

Blain looked at him, “I dont like mexico Dad!”

Everyone I loved was there, white ribbons floated on the trees, and I was carrying the birthday cake to the picnic table. Chad was yaking it up with his buddies and he smiled at me. I smiled back, gasping when Blain darted up to me.

“Is it time mommy?” he asked. I laughed setting the cake down. ‘I get to cut the first piece!” Blain said eagerly reaching for the knife.

“No,” I plucked the knife out of reach. “I do. But you can help.” “Ok,” the air around us shimmered, and I looked up.

I smiled with delight. “Dont tell me you want to help too?”

Blain frowned, “Who are you talking to mommy?”

I smiled. “Sorry he cant see you.” I said to Blade. Blade shrugged.

“Blain do you remember how we communicated with ghosts?” I asked softly.

Blain nodded. “Reveal.” he said promptly. With another glimmer, Blade’s spiritual form became more solid.

Blain let out a shriek of delight. “Blade!!!”

“You can help too,” I said to my son. Blade glimmered and then hovered nearby.

“Sorry mommy but this ghost thing has me kinda feeling icky.”

Chad almost dropped his beer. “Son!” he choked out. Blade turned. Father and son stared at each other, I felt my heart swell as Chad struggled to keep his emotions at bay.

“Hi dad!” he waved.

Chad strode over, “I thought you weren’t going to use your magick!” he hissed at me. I smiled.

“I never summoned him, Chad.” I beamed proudly at my younger son.

Chad choked. “Blain?”

Blain smiled.

With my two sons help I cut the cake. Both argued who was to have a bigger piece.

“Ghosts cant eat!” Blain shrieked.

“So?” Blade taunted.

“Mommy how come he gets a bigger piece, he cant even eat!”

“Boys!” Chad’s sharp rebuke startled us. “Enough. Blade give the bigger piece to Blain.”

“Man being dead sucks!” Blade grumbled handing the plate to his younger brother, who beamed triumphantly.

“How long can he stay mommy?” Blain asked between mouthfuls of cake.

Chad grimaced, “Chew, Blain.” he glanced at his watch. “midnight.”

I smiled at Chad, “Yes exactly how..never mind.” I kissed him.

“EWWWW!!!” Blain and Blade exclaimed. We broke apart laughing.

Blain said to Blade, “They do that alot.”

“When are you going to tell Daddy?” Blade asked.

Confused I looked at him. ‘Tell him what?”

“When are you going to tell him your pregnant?” Blade asked. Bewildered me and Chad looked at each other.

“I’m what?” I glanced at my belly. “Youre going to have a girl and name her anastasia..” Blade went on excitedly.

Then he frowned. “Whoops.”

Chad gawked at me. “When were you going to tell me?” he asked.

I was speechless. “I’m not pregnant!” I hesitated. “Ok I dont know if I am.” I glared at my son. “How do you know this.”

‘Mom please, dead boy here knows everything,” Blain said with little impatience. “Dont you Blade. How come I get a sister and not a brother. I want a brother!!!” Chad and I started to laugh.

Chad and I renewed our vows, to make the baby more legimate.

Soon I was getting as big as a house, waddling with hormones overkill. I chose to preoccupy myself with the room which was locked.

It was just beyond Blain’s bedroom and no matter how many times I try to unlock or blow up the door, the door would rebuild itself quickly.

“Damn it!” I sent another energy ball at it.

“Mommy what are you doing?” it was Blain. I looked sheepishly at Blain.

“Mommy’s trying to open the door.” I said. “DO you know why its locked.”

“Its locked because of me.” Chad’s voice startled me. I turned. We never had any secrets before. “What do you mean?”

Chad raised his hand, extending it towards the doorknob. “Unlock.” with a simple command the doorknob turned. Bewildered I stared at Chad,

“What…” He ushered me in wordlessly. “Chad…” I glanced around to stunned to say a word. He had used this room for sacred space. Everywhere I looked was books about wicca and witchcraft and powders herbs adorned the shelf. “Oh my…”

And the spell book I had lost on Blain and Blade’s fourth birthday was open on the altar. “I felt if I had somehow failed to protect you and our sons those years ago, I wasnt going to let it happen again.” Chad’s voice was hoarse. “Reveal.” he muttered. There was a shimmer of light and Blade appeared. I blinked owlishly at our son.

“Blade?” I whirled around on Chad. Realisation settled on me. “Youre a witch!!!” Chad smiled humorlessly.


“Thats how you found me in that dimension!!!” I flung my arms around him. “Youre a witch!”

“I failed you once I wont again.” he muttered in my ear. Tears stung my eyes.

“‘Dont you ever say that!!!” I kissed him. “Youve never failed me. EVer!!!!”

We were more than married, we had become one soul. Everyday was spent living our faith and love. Then I felt it, an omnious feeling. “Chad?”

“What is it honey is it the baby?” he walked into the kitchen.

“No, the baby’s fine. Where is blain?”

Chad frowned. “He was outside in the garden.” My unease grew, I waddled outside with Chad.

THere was a redhaired teenager in the garden with Blain. There was something about her that was familiar.

“You cant have my little sister you skank!” it was blain’s voice.

“Skank?” Chad muttered. “His mouth needs washing.”

“Something is wrong Chad,” I choked. As we got closer, my son was bravely deflecting an energy ball that was bearing down at him. “Oh my god!” I cried.

I raised my hand, but something compelled me not to. It was Blade. “Blade?”

“No, Mommie, he can do this.” Blade insisted,he joined his brother.I could feel my son’s power surging, even for a six year old he was quite powerful.

“Who is that?” I asked.

“She is that evil witch’s daughter. The one who killed Blade!” I heard Blain sniff. “She wants Anastasia but she wont have her! Not ever!” “Begone evil!” he snapped a fireball at the warlock, she staggered but it wasnt enough to destroy her.

“Enough! if I cant have you, then I will have the unborn!” The warlock turned on Chad and me, quickly tho Chad  resurrected a shield. I was astounded.

“What?” he smiled grimly, “I cant be powerful too?”

I laughed. “Its just whoa…”

“Yeah well we can take it up later, rite now our son is in danger.” he flung an energy ball at the warlock. She deflected it, but I was sensing her weakening. Blain bared his teeth, and summoning all his power, with Blade beside him adding his spirit energy he blasted the warlock with another fireball. The warlock exploded.

“Thanks big brother,” Blain collasped to the grass. “But i dont need you to keep saving me.” Blade smiled. “i’ll always be here, squirt.” then he vanished.

Well I gave birth to anastasia not soon after, Blain was grossed out that he had a cottage cheese baby sister.

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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