Today I was in Second for breakfast. What? No!! Well at least I didnt have to do coffee. Seriously, I dont know how Justin and Melissa keep up on coffee, with the customers yapping in their ears.

Justin and I were watching videos of his Billy Talent Concert in between orders.

I was getting kind of agitated because Asscan kept sending my sister into Second to make smoothie samples. I couldnt hear the customers, I couldnt make my smoothies and I couldnt move around her. I had to kept showing her how to make the smoothies.

“Will you stop making smoothie samples!” I exploded. “I am busy here!”

My sister stared at me. “Well, Asscan wants me to make them.” she said.

“I dont care. I am busy! I have orders, I have to make my own smoothies, and there is too many people here! If he wants smoothies, he can make them himself!”

that didnt go over to well with Asscan. I dont care if window isnt busy. Drive thru is. We have coffees. We have McCafes. We have smoothies. We dont have room for someone bustling about getting samples during rush!!!

We made a record for breakfast apparently. 121 cars in one hour. Okay.

He made federal case about it too. Saying how it went smoothly because Melissa W wasnt taking orders. Excuse me? Melissa is fast on orders. Fast on cash.

Emily and I switched. I was in First thankfully. Katrina was my cash person.


After a few orders, I made a comment to Katrina. “Katrina, where are the hot guys?”

Katrina shrugged.

“They must be intimidated by your cuteness!” I said. She laughed. “They are used to having grungy girls” I motioned to me. “With hat hair and messiness going on.”

“I have hat hair.” she said.

I gawked. Oh please. This girl had nice straight dark hair. Didnt even get frizzy, didnt get messed up.

“They are so freaked out, they are sending their girlfriends because they cant deal with you.” I went on. “Youre like Meep from Phineas and Ferb. Youre so cute its scary.”

After a few more orders, a cute guy pulls up, and he had the oddest expression on his face when Katrina took his cash.

“See,” I crowed. “He got weirded out by the cuteness!”

Katrina turned from the window. I frowned. Did she just bat her eyelashes. “Were you just batting your eyelashes?” I laughed. “awww look at me… I am so cute I am flirting with you” I mocked her. We made fun of her “cute and sweet flirting awkwardness”

“Look at me I am special. Derp. Derp. Derpy. derp.” she said in a low slow voice.

I laughed.

Then the door opened and Asscan walks in. Stands there. We stare at him. “I am just standing here, observing.”

Katrina and I stare at each other. Whatever.

He made some comments about slow we were going. Because of debit. Just keeping going we are almost at our target.

Then he finally walked out. We werent being slow. We were waiting for Second. Grr.

It slowed down.

Yet I was getting angry again because I had to keep repeating myself to Second, because Timmie was too busy talking and not paying attention. Finally I walked out of First. “May I go on my break please.”

Melissa W wasnt impressed she had to take over, but she did anyway.

Then I came back and I was going to run for window, but Timmie was whining again. “No, you are going to do something and stay in Second!”I snapped.

But she whined. I grabbed the headset from her.

“Oh what am I doing?” she stares at me.

Really? I stared at her. “What do you think you are doing?” I snapped. “I am taking over for you!”

I had to walk away. Grr why are you testing me?!!!

After work, My sister says to me. “Asscan wanted me to tell you, you have to adjust your attitude.”

I stared at her. “What?”

“He didnt like how you told me to stop making smoothies.”


“I told him if he had a problem with you, to tell you himself.” My sister said.

“Oh really. he was telling everyone off today.” she went on.

I shrugged. “If he has a problem, he will be taking it up with Steve, not me.”



  1. Gah!! I’ll show asscan where to shove his smoothie! he’ll be wobbling so much donald duck will blush when I’m done with him! man that asscan’s just waiting for it huh!


    1. that would be funny to see!!!
      he is a dork. I want him go back to work at our other location, but other manager says hell no!!!
      He is not a fave thats for sure…


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