I was being a good girl, but I was bored. So I think I need a playmate….I have been fantasizing a lot about my girl crush Troian Bellisario.


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I was becoming quite bored with the conversation, you could tell by the way I was staring at you. Your long dark hair. The way it framed your face. There was a cute little dip in your chin. You were wearing one of those shift dresses you like so much. It was light pale blue, you were wearing a matching Cardy. It was something casual, for such a low key dinner.
“Why are you staring at me like that?” you demanded.

I smiled and shrugged. “No reason.” I inched closer, the booth we sat in was comfortable, allowing plenty of room.

“What kind of lipstick are you wearing?” I asked. The question threw you. You touched your lips with your fingers.

“My lipstick is Maybelline.” you murmured. “Why?”

“It looks nice.” I smiled. By now I am really close, you are skittish with how close I am.

“The color is,” you reach for your clutch, but I stay your hand.

“Don’t bother. I am not interested in what the name of the color is.” I murmured. My eyes on your lips, and you unconsciously lick them. That did something to my insides.

“What are you doing?” you protest, as I lean forward to taste your mouth. You dont move. You dont push me away. Your lips are soft, and I lick at them, tracing them gently with my tongue.

You taste like the coffee you were drinking, the biscuits you nibbled on, and I savor each.

Moments pass before I pull away, and you stare at me in bewilderment. Your cheeks are flushed, your mouth is parted. “Why did you kiss me?” you brush your hair from your face. Your self consciousness is out of the norm, and it is quite adorable.

“I wanted to.” I answered.

“I never, I mean that is…” you glanced away, then look back at me. “Do you like me or something?”

I am startled by the question. I laughed, because your usually so blunt. “Come on, Troian.” I murmur. “Why are you so shy?”

Flash of anger heats up your eyes, and I clamp down on the amusement. “I usually dont kiss get out of the blue by girls!” you shoot back. You glance around to see if other diners heard you. When you were satisfied they hadn’t, you turned your brown eyes back on me.

I take one of your dark silky strands of hair and twirl it around my finger. “Here is the thing, Troian, I want to do more than kiss you.” I admit. Your eyes are wider.

“You do?” your voice is high. “I mean, you do?” you frown. “What kind of things?”

I stare at you and gave you a patient smile. ” Well, I wonder how many fingers you take, what you taste like” as I speak, my skin is becoming warmer from the explicitness of my words. I cant believe I am saying these things to you, watching your brown eyes grow wide as you listen to my fantasy. “Most of all, I want you all the time.”

Your so silent. “Want?” you clear your voice when you speak finally. “Like a sex toy or something?”

I nodded.

You wrinkle your nose at that. “You know that is so sexist! You’re a girl! You want me as your sex toy?”

I laughed. “Just a fantasy!”

“I wouldn’t mind.” you murmur. You take me by surprise by leaning in and kissing me. We kiss, your tentativeness fading into a hunger that echoes mine.

My hands are in your hair, taking the strands between my fingers, and twisting them. So soft, and silky. I feed off you. Taking your plump lower lip into my mouth and sucking on it.

My mouth is on your ear, your jaw. The shadow of your cleavage, licking the under curve of your plump breasts. Your nipples are so deliciously hard through your cardy and dress.

As if you sense my intent you shrug off your cardy. I kiss you again. My hand slipping inside your dress. I cup your breast. Your moan shudders into my mouth, as I thumb your nipple.

you are making me so wet, the feel of you. The smell of you. I open the bodice of your dress more, to expose your breasts to me.

Your shoulders hitch back, proudly baring all. I smirk. I glance around, some diners had stopped eating and had taken notice of us.

Perhaps you notice, and you are putting on a show, I didn’t know and didn’t care. My mouth are on your nipples sucking hard, licking soft. You moan.

My hand is lightly stroking your thigh, your skin is golden brown, and as I near your pussy, you start to wiggle. I look up at you. You pulled your lower lip between your teeth.

“I dont know if I can do this, people are watching us!” you hiss.

I lick my lips, “Ignore them.” I thumbed the crease where your hipbone and pubic mound met.

Your hand covered mine. We locked eyes. My hand slipped lower. Then cupped your pussy.

Your eyes closed. The first stroke over your swollen pussy folds drew your pussy juice, soaking your panties. the second had you grind into my hand.

Your breathing became quick, “Yes” you moan. “Right there. Oooh right there.”

I kiss my way down your stomach, hitching up your dress. I push the dainty material of your thong aside and stared at your pussy. Your hairless slit glisten with your juice. I spread the lips of your slit exposing your clit, your hole. Beautiful! I dropped down to give your clit a kiss. You shivered.

I dive in, swirling my tongue on the inside of your slit, careful to avoid your swollen needy clit.

You  gasp, your hand in my hair, pulling it up and away, so you could see everything. What I am doing to you. I drive my tongue inside of you quickly pushing it in and pulling it out over and over again. You  let out of string of moans

I cant get enough of your taste so I start flicking my tongue as quickly as I could. I move up and started to suck directly on your clit. You start shaking and moaning so loudly I swear the restaurant management would hear you and kick us out.

I lick up all your juices, and sat back on my heels. You reach down to put your cum soaked thong back in place, and you smile dreamily at me.

The moment is shattered by a round of applause by the neighboring tables. I could feel my skin growing hot with the undue attention, you turn your head into your shoulder. “Oh my god!” you croak.

“Livened up their day,” I jeered.

“Stop it.” you poke me, then you smile as if you thought of something funny. “Lunch with  you, is you eating me.” you laugh at your silliness.

“Hmm, I can go with that anytime.” I say, as I watch you rearrange your clothes.

You gaze at me. “you do know I have a boyfriend?!”

I shrug. “and?”

you roll your eyes. “Meaning this is not serious! I love him…I am not into girls!”

I roll my eyes, “Oh my god, Troian!” I did my best Valley Girl impersonation. “Neither am I!”

We stare at each other, your brown eyes softening. “You really are in this for the fun?”

“Girls, are drama. Drama I dont need. Fun I can handle.” I assure you.

“Good,” you pat my hand. “Now this sex toy thing…” we scoot out of the booth, you drop a fifty for lunch, and link your arm through mine. “Is something we need to talk about!”

“Troian!” I cried.

Your laughter fades as we leave the restaurant, giggling like school girls.


That poor girl, if there is any truth about the old adage about thinking about someone before you sleep, you dream about them, and they are awake all night yadah yadah…

that poor girl must be a freaking zombie!!! Just kidding!!!

I decided to go out of my comfort zone, and write about others. Not always about my Boo or My sweetie. I haven’t written about either in a long time. Its hard writing about being  intimate with someone.


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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