The darkening  clouds that painted the sky grey promised of rain.  my hair had loosened the strands from its top knot atop my head. I regretted wearing the yellow cotton shift dress that hung to my knees, I had not prepared for the weather.

I met the looks of interest from my co-workers with smug indifference. “Im going for a coffee break.” I informed my desk mate. I opened my drawer, withdrew my Blackberry Tablet, inserted my Bluetooth into my ear.

“Bring me a coffee!” one voice piped out.

“Uh sure.”

working a desk job  for Counter Strike- a security trouble shooting firm,  didn’t seem like a glamourous job, but I clocked out at 5, had Happy Hour with the boys by 6.

In my spare time, I would review old case files, ones that somehow never got solved. I liked finding patterns, that odd thing that stood out, something that no one else could find.

I was a regular at the out door café, on the corner just a short walking distance from my work.  ordering my Latte,  I glanced over my Blackberry tablet.

I downloaded half of Counter Strike’s cold case files onto my tablet and was reading the latest cold case, when my Blue tooth in my ear went off.

“Rebecca, why is it you are not at your desk?” the cold stand offish voice of Roderick, the Counter Strike’s executive assistant whined.

“Perhaps its my man-dated coffee break.” I replied coldly. Roderick and I didn’t get along. He was too stuffy, set in his ways. He also didn’t like the way I maintained order in the office.

“Your break ended 10 minutes ago.” he snapped.

“My break started 10 minutes ago.” I reminded him. “How about you just worry about Simon, and not me.”

Simon was the owner of Counter Strike. No one really knows what he did, no one really why he formed the security firm/ private investigation outfit. He just did. It was the most sought after by the industry.

There was also just too high of success rate, which intriqued me. I wanted to know why such a successful business had no fail grade. It was why I applied as a desk jockey.

It was also how I discovered, that just because a firm such as Counter Strike was successful, it didn’t mean it didn’t have its dirty secrets. Like the few cold cases that sat in a vault. Cold cases That no one spoke of.

“Fine!” Roderick snapped.

“Don’t be such a sissy…” I started to say, but I heard another voice.

“Is it just as you suspected, Roderick?”

the words died on my tongue as I recognised Simon Lefear’s voice. My finger went to my Blue tooth. Roderick had failed to hang up the call, and continued his conversation with Simon.

“She has been investigating all our cases. I am not sure what she has gleaned from them.”

My heart stopped and kicked up again. Glean? who the hell says that?

“She truly is amazing.” Simon went on. “Within months of starting here, she shaped our office, our filing system, our computer programs, and here she is trying to solve old cases. ”

“A Sherlock Holmes.” Roderick replied sourly.

“Indeed, perhaps a promotion is in store for her. Arrange a meeting for her and I. Immediately! I would like to meet this paragon!” Simon went on. “Really, Rodrick how hard is it to be this productive!”

“I don’t know, Sir!” the line went dead.

I stared at my tablet in disbelief. While my heart pounded with the excitement of a possible promotion, and the praises given to me, my inner alarm was going off as well. Why would Roderick leave the line on, just so I could listen to everything being said? Luck?

I frowned. No, only idiots believe in Luck. This was a warning. I was being warned. They knew I was snooping.

“Excuse me,” a little girl’s voice startled me. I glanced down.

A little girl stared up at me. Her frizzy brown hair was in braids. Her dress was dirty, her knee skinned. She held out her hand. “Could you fix my toy! It wont open!”

I smiled. “Sure, where is your mommy?” I asked. I took her toy. It appeared to be a Polly Pocket.

I examined it, it didn’t appear to be broken. I looked for the clasp, it didn’t have one. I smiled at the little girl, but she glanced around anxiously.

“Is your mommy around?” I asked, as I fiddled around with the toy.

“My daddy is over there.” she pointed to a well dressed man. I stared at him, for a moment. His hair was neatly styled, his shirt pressed, tucked into his trousers. I shifted my eyes back to the girl. She was so dirty, her dress wrinkled, hair sticking out of her braids. I glanced back at the man.

“He is not your daddy is he?” my fingers found the button to open the toy. it opened, but it needed some more prodding. It was finally opened. I glanced at the man. He was talking on a cellphone. Then glanced over.

His eyes weren’t on the little girl.

But on me.

His eyes were unsettling.

My unease grew. “here, you go kid.” I tossed the toy past her, ignore her cries, grabbed the tablet, my purse and bolted.

I was being watched. But that man wasn’t one of the Counter Strike agents!

“Are you going to keep running, or are you going to slow down?” the voice in my Blue tooth cackled. I stumbled.

“Don’t be frightened.” the male voice laughed. “Turn around.”

I whirled around, it was the man from the café. I glowered at him. “How did you do that?”

He smiled. “Magic?” he offered. My heart was racing.

“Who are you?” I snapped. He kept coming closer, I tried to step back. I found I couldn’t move.

he was an inch away, His dark hair had silver threaded within. He had sooty dark eyelashes. “You are older than you appear.” he mused. “I thought you were younger. The power you exude is quite strong.” he reached for my ear, and plucked the Blue tooth from my ear.

“While youre tablet is secured, your Blue tooth is not. Its how they know where you are at all times.” his hand skimmed down my jaw, smiling in amusement at my outrage. He grasped my jaw, tilting my head this way and that. “Yes, you are in a quite snit, aren’t you? You are the first to  handle my puzzle in 30 seconds. It takes even a sharper mind longer than that. But we both know, your mind isn’t like most.”

I couldn’t move as his hand released my jaw, his hand moved down my side. Reached into my back pocket. I gasped. He laughed. Then he hauled out my cellphone. Waving it in front of my eyes, he crushed it into dust.

My mouth opened in shock. “How..how did you do that…wait that was my phone!!!”

“That question is not of consequence.” the stranger murmured. “What question should you be asking?”

Why are you following me? What do you want with me? How is it I cant move? all those questions were the first to enter my mind. Then my eyes fell to my Tablet.

“You’re after Counter Strike?” I whispered. “Why?”

The stranger’s lips curled as if satisfied with my deducement. “Is it so strange that you were beginning to investigate the cold case so many chose to ignore?”

I shook my head. “I have always enjoyed a good mystery. A good challenge.”

I was thumped in the middle of the forehead. Hard. The pain was unbearable. “OW!!!” I cried.

“You were chosen, because of your unique ability to find the hidden. The lies human tell. Your unique ability allows you to do so!” I was whacked again. I stumbled backwards, clutching my head.

“Stop doing that! Why are you hitting me!” I scowled at him, through my fingers.

“Im just pointing out what makes you so valuable to Simon Lefear. ” the stranger chuckled. “Your gift.”


What the hell was he talking about?

“Your investigating him, why?” I snapped.

“He is running a secret ops that poses a threat to us.” the stranger murmured.

I rubbed my head. “Us? Who is Us?” I asked.

“You. Me. The whole Magickal community.” the stranger murmured. “You better go now, before Lefear gets any more suscipous of you.”

I blinked. The stranger was gone.

Dazed. I glanced around in confusion. Magick? what the hell was going on?



this little bit was inspired by a dream I had awhile ago.

writing was a bust.   my mind blew up.




♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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