Grr Muggles!

I have always posted what aggravates me about First Booth. Its rare that I write anything about Presenting.

Today is going to be that day.

We are supposed to make the orders go through smoothly and efficiently, but we cant do that if people refuse to use common sense, how hard is it to use the brain they were given, while ordering?!

And pulling diva acts?

Really? Why? What is that going to achieve? It takes longer to get  the order out. Its McDonalds, you aint a celebrity,there is no one to impress here.  there is no one going to take the shit you are flinging, you ugly ass baboon!

First incident happened when the customer – RC- pulled up.

RC is a real bitch. She complains about everything. If her sausage muffin isnt toasted exactly the right color, no butter, she freaks out. However, the last time she tried to pull her crap on me, I put her in her place. I didnt need her attitude, and she could take somewhere else.

Well, I had her order and her drink in one hand, waiting for her to take it. She glared at me. “And what are you going to give me first?” she demanded.

I stared at her in disbelief. What? What does it look like? “I am giving both to you,” I replied ever so sweetly. “So you can get on your way faster!”

“How about you dont!” she snapped. “I want the bag first!” she yanked the bag out of my hand, which shook the pop and fizzed it. “And wipe off my pop!”

I wiped the pop, but just the top. “Here you are, have a nice day!” and shoved the pop at her, and fizzed the pop all over her hand. Yes, bitch I just did that!

RC swore.

Second incident happened when no one made my flurries, so I had to make them. The customer was glaring at me, because she was waiting. Oh wow. 1 minute. I had to replace the lid on the shortcake, because strawberries were all over, and wiped it clean. I was handing them to the customer. “I need a drink tray!” she snaps.

I hand her the drink tray, she is scowling at me. “What the hell is wrong with my oreo?”  a single tiny crumb from the strawberry shortcake had fallen in.

I was really getting pissed off now.  “It sometimes happen when you make two flurries. The mixer ” I gestured to the flurry machine, and explained that if there was two flurries made, it would sometimes mix. That is why i changed lids. She watched me make the damn thing.

She’s staring at the flurry. Oh my god. its a tiny crumb. just the size of bread crumb! get over it. “Why is it so sticky!”

because you keep tilting the flurry back and forth and the ice cream is melting! oh my god!

Get out! Get out! Get out!

Third incident a woman ordered a hot fudge. What happens when hot meets with cold? Cold melts. she was upset her sundae had melted! I just made the fucking ice cream. And then she bitched because some leaked around the lid but it didnt leak down the cup. so what was the big deal. it was the lid.

Fourth incident – a guy orders a vanilla milkshake. He took the lid off, looked inside. “Why is my milk shake so yellow?”

I stared at him. “Its vanilla, right?”

“I ordered vanilla. Why is it yellow?’

“Its vanilla.” I repeated. He stared at me in confusion. I couldnt believe this! What couldnt he understand? The vanilla syrup was yellow, the ice cream was white, hence the milkshake was yellow!!! ” Its the mix. Vanilla is yellow.” I explained slowly. Hello? Has vanilla ever been purple?

“But I never seen a yellow milkshake?’
It has always been yellow!!! Oh my god!

“Greg! Greg!” I cried. I was fed up. He turned around. “I cant handle the people’s stupidity! I need to get out! Greg!”

“What is wrong, Rebecca!” he asked.

“I cant handle this anymore. I cant handle their stupidity!”

thankfully my shift ended five minutes later.


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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