After watching the Doctor’s Daughter, I got this little fantasy about Jenny coming back, and the Doctor and Clara traveling together.

Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter could make an appearance this season of Doctor Who.

This is before Capaldi joins. and then Jenny, Twelve, and Clara can be traveling together.


Clara and Eleven are on the Tardis, when they see some space junk. Tardis identifies a Humanoid with Time lord anomalies.

Clara frowns. “That is impossible, you said you were the only Time Lord left. Aside from River Song…”

“We both know River Song is dead,” Eleven interjects. “So yes that makes me the only Time Lord left.”

Clara touches Eleven’s shoulder. “I am sorry.”

‘Sorry for what? Sorry that my wife is dead? That Rory and Amy are gone? Why be sorry?” pushing buttons on the console, the Doctor glances at her. “You are here. I am here. The Tardis is here. We are here. ‘

Clara sighs. “Has the Tardis begun to bring the pod in?” she changes the subject.

The Doctor makes a sound. “She has. She doesnt like it when you dont refer to her. You still havent made an effort to get to know her.”

Clara gapes. “I have! I talk to it, I mean I talk to her.” she exclaims. “The Tardis doesnt like me!”

“She has feelings. ” he says, “Dont you girl?”

Clara makes a disgusted sound. “Are you going to examine the pod then?”

“Ah yes!” the doctor claps his hands together, and hurries to the door. “Well are you coming, Clara? This is exciting!” he glances over his shoulder to her.

Clara shakes her head, and follows him down the maze of hallways.

The pod is waiting for them, and the Doctor is examining the intricate symbols and signs.

“What is it?”

he doesnt answer, using his sonic screwdriver, he opens it.

A fine mist escapes making Clara cough and gasp.

“Well that was very gross!” Clara wiped her face with the back of her hand. “what was that?”

“That Clara, I believe it was some sort of oxygen mask.” The Doctor murmurs.

The mist clears, and the Doctor is stunned by what is inside.

“Its a girl!” Clara exclaims. She frowns. “She seems familiar. Have I seen her before?”

The doctor reaches inside to touch the girl. “It is impossible.” he breaths.

‘Well Clara you have seen all my time lines, you tell me who that girl is!” his voice shook.

Clara scowls. “You know that is not how it was!”

“Was it not?” scooping the girl out of the pod, the doctor lays her out on the floor. He wiped the muck off her, revealing her blonde hair. “She has aged slightly.”

Clara walks around the doctor and crouched down beside the girl. “She is like you?”

The Doctor laughed. “like me? Oh Clara, you are so close.”

The girl opens her eyes.

Clara smiles, “Hello, there! Are you hurt? ” she asks gently. “You in any pain anywhere?”

The girl and the Doctor stare at each other.

“Well this is getting awkward,” Clara mutters.

“Hello Father.” the girl croaks. “Its about time you found me!”

Clara’s mouth fell open. “Father?”

“Clara, this is Jenny. my daughter.” the doctor murmurs.

Jenny’s hand reachs out to touch the Doctor’s face. “You changed your face. How?”

“You died in my arms, yet here you are. How?” he shot back.

Silence falls between them.

Then Jenny burst out laughing “Amazing!”


my little nerdy fantasy if the Doctor found Jenny alive and somewhat well!



♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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