The devil was in the details.

And maybe that was her problem. Always so anal about the details. But she had to be meticulous.

She told him it would be romantic having a picnic near the water.

She smiled as he unfolded the blanket, and she handed the picnic basket to him.

He told her she looked beautiful.

She certainly hoped so.

She wanted to be a vision in his eyes.

With her dark brown hair, in a stylish chin length bob, she had the sides neatly pinned.

Her dress showed off her delicate waist, her cleavage and her nice thighs and calves.

He thought she stepped off one of those 50’s pin up posters. He was so in love with her.

She laughed when he said something like that. “You are so sweet!” she touched his arm with her gloved fingers.

“Arent you hot wearing those?” he asked.

“No,” she wiggled her fingers at him. “I am wearing them especially for you, today!”

She watched as he spread out their food,little sandwiches, desserts and drinks. He prepared everything himself, he told her.

“My food allergies,” he explained. “I really wanted to show you how much help  I am around the kitchen!”

They laughed at his little joke, but she rolled her eyes inwardly.

His paranoia about his peanut allergy was well known.

she smile though and  ate daintly, expressing her delight when he offered to feed her from his plate.

“You are so romantic” she gushed, he blushed.

She found it amusing that anyone with such fair IQ could buy such ridiculous drivel. She went on, Cooing and fawning over him.

She pulled out her pocket purse, and he watched with desire-hungry eyes, as she slowly reapplied her lipstick.

The color bold red made her lips plump and inviting.

“What are you waiting for?” she purred, curling her finger in a come-hither motion.

His eyes widen, and he grinned. He inched across the blanket. His hand framed her face.

His eyes had darkened, and he lowered his mouth to hers.

The kiss was gentle. At first.

Then grew bolder.

“W-wait,” she panted.

Something in his face changed. “What is it?” he growled. “Dont you want to?”

“Yes,” she lowered her gaze to appear shy. “I dont want you to change your opinion of me.”

He made a sound. “I dont think I will.”

She lifted her face to him. “You wont?” she asked earnestly.

“No,” he kissed her. “I wont.”

He kissed her again, and the kiss changed its intensity once more, he was hungry. His hand touched her thigh.

She covered his hand with his. He smiled against her mouth.

they kissed for a couple more moments, when he suddenly shoved her away. His eyes bulging, his hands gripping his throat.

“What is it?” she cried feigning alarm. She reach out to him, but he knocked her away, scrambling towards the picnic basket.

Tossing plates and cups, giving that up, he searched frantically in his trouser pockets.

He fell back, “epipen!” he wheezed. “where the fuck is my epipen!”

She crawled over to where he lay clawing at his throat. “Oh dear, are you going into anaphlatic shock?” she purred.

His eyes wild with panic he nodded frantically.

She smiled, and opening her pocket book, she held up his epipen. “Oh this?” she glanced at it, then at him oh so innocently.

His eyes wide with rage and panic, he grabbed for it, but she shoved him back.

“Down boy,” she laughed. “This isnt your epipen, This one is empty. This one they will find with your body. Such a shame.”

“My body? What is going on?” he managed.

Her hand shot out, and gripped his wrist. “This is your murder scene, I guess.” he struggled, but she was tsking. “Now, now no bruising on the body!”

he watched as she put his fingers around the epipen. “There! Your fingerprints! Yea!” she tossed the epipen near him.

“You were such a naughty boy,” she murmured cleaning up the picnic basket, the dishes, “You never hear the word ‘no’ ”

Rage filled his eyes. “You stupid bitch, do you think you will get away with this! Do you know who I am?” he wheezed.

“Yes, it is why I am here.” she eyed him coldly. “The courts failed, so I am to be your executioner.”

“I was found innocent!”

“Yes, well even the justice system gets it wrong.”

“Please I will give you money I will,” he struggled to breathe, his hand outstretched for mercy, it fell as he took his last breath.

*my lame attempt at a whodunnit, with a slight twist. who can guess how he got anaphylatic shock, if he prepared the food himself?

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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