I see her on the bed, she is lying there  propped up on some pillows. with a flimsy cami and nothing else. The object of my desire.

My heart pounds at the thought of being caught, my mouth grows dry as I become wet as she lets the string of her cami drop revealing one plump round breast crested with a  shell pink nipple then the other string falls.

she is in the throes of desire, her eyes are closed.

skin flushed, she doesnt see me there as she trails one finger down her shoulder, to  touch her breast.  Caressing her nipple

Her soft sigh makes my breath hitch as she thumbs her hardening peaks.

I rest my head against the door frame. My hand sneaking down into my panties to touch myself.  She moistens her fingers by slowly sucking on them til they are wet, and I bit my lip to stifle my moan. She paints her nipples with her saliva, circling them moaning softly.

I am mesmerized by the sight of her, as she writhes in pleasure. Her body arching as she cups her breasts and pinches her nipples. then slowly she  makes her way to her  thighs.

My breath is caught in my lungs, as I watch her slowly spread her legs as far as she can while she rubs the insides of my thighs Her hands inching up to her pussy.

By this time my body is aching with desire. My pussy is dripping wet, soaking my panties. She strokes her slit, teasing  the lips. Just briefly allowing me a glimpse of her clit by slowly peeling opening her pussy lips. Then her fingers retreat.

I lick my dry lips, I ache to taste her, but I dare not make a move. My fingers are playing with my swollen clit. I watch as she is teasing herself, as if she is putting on a show. I could see how wet she is.

She parts her pussy lips again, and slowly bring she  finger up and start to slowly rub the  very tip of  her clitoris in a very circular motion, her moans are breathless. She lifts her hips against her hand, as she slide her finger into her hole. I watch as she slides her finger deep. “Oh yes” she gasps. She withdraws and pushes another.

After a few moments of steadily finger fucking herself, she rolls over and I realise she is reaching for the night stand drawer.

I step away from the door and quietly walk to the bed. “You dont need your vibrator. I can help with you that.” I murmur.

She rolls over, startled to see me. “How long?” she tries to speak but she breaks off when I touch her thigh.

“Just tell me what you want.” I murmur stroking my hand upward.

She doesnt say anything until I am thumbing her clit. She sighs. her thighs parts farther. I sit on the bed. My eyes never leaves hers, her lips part as I slide my fingers into her hot wet hole. She clenches around me, so tight as I sink them deep. She moans. I cup her, hooking my fingers, as I begin slow then hard rythm.

Her head falls back on the pillows, her hips bucking up and down in sync with my fingers. i can feel her orgasm, the tiny muscles in her pussy are rippling around my fingers as they scissor in and out. She lays there gasping, as I lower my head.

My breath caresses her belly, my lips touch her hipbone. She moans. Her fingers are in my hair, to guide me. She hikes up her hips, offering herself to my mouth. Her cream is spilling over her pussy lips, as I press my mouth there.

She whimpers at the first touch of my lips, the little rasp of my tongue as it unfurls itself along her slit, sliding in, makes her cry out.

I lick at the sides of her clit, kissing the tip sucking gently at it. She gasps. Around in circles, my tongue plays with her clit, while my fingers push in and out of her hole gaining speed. her cream spills onto my tongue, and I suck her clit into my mouth.

Her body is trembling, and she cries out she is cumming again.

Finally, I lift my head and I smile at her. “See you dont need a vibrator. Anytime you want to get off. Just let me know.” I kiss her hipbone.

She smiles drowsily at me. “Anytime?”


“Just let you know.” she agreed.

* ah horny as hell now…

Pure softness…

10 thoughts on “THE STAND IN

    1. Thank you! I got really hot!
      Most of my erotica is short because I get too hot and bothered by the images playing in my head. I try to write it down of course, but I’m distracted 😍


      1. ..distraction 🙂 I read your tag line of your blog ‘single girl, one problem, no love life’ know that’s really hard to believe. If you write so well, you will only be 10 times or more better with the real thing. Right?

        Liked by 1 person

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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