This morning started out great. I was on window for at least awhile before going to First.

Steve, the customer walks in, and goes straight to my window. “Green tea?” I asked.

He stared blankly at me. “What?”

I smiled. “Were you having tea this morning?”

“No, I have coffee in the morning.” he replied. “Oh and a parfait.” he paused. “and I will have a carrot muffin.”

I smiled.

He was there the entire day!!!

I was sent up in First, with Brigid. I love working with Brigid.


We were having a wonderful time. However our drive thru times got worse when  a woman decided she would hold up drive thru by talking on her cellphone, at the corner.

“What is going on?” I wondered.

I leaned my head out the window, “Excuse me!” I called out to her, “could you move please!”

Well, she glared at me and snarled back, “No!!! I had to wait on you, you could wait on me!!!”

Aw hell no!

You are on my time!

“No, I will not wait on you, there are customers behind you! You are holding up my drive thru!” I replied coldly.

“I was waiting 10 minutes behind customers they can wait 10 minutes behind me!” she cried. “Its called fast food for a reason!”

“Its called fast food because people are not talking on their cellphones holding up my drive thru! Now please, my managers are giving me crap! ” I snapped.

She glared at me.

I had to tell Steve that she might call and complain that I was rude to her. Which I wasnt. He shrugged.

Not even a moment later, this lady pulls up.

She doesnt have her money ready.

She sat there for a moment, and I am staring at her. I already told her the total of her order. She finally made a move for her money. I watched in disbelief as she reaches down to the passenger side.

She had her purse on the floor of the front seat, and she was still buckled in, trying to wrestle with her purse free of the seat.

“Are you kidding me!” I exploded.

She looked at me, startled. Then back to her purse.



“You were waiting 10 minutes in line! (exaggeration) you could have had your money ready! ” I cried. “Oh my god, Steve is going to have a stroke!”

The lady glared at me, as she slowly opened her purse, opened her wallet.

The door to First burst open, Steve was standing there. “What the hell is taking you so long, Rebecca!!!” he exclaimed.

“Oh I dont know, Steve!” I gestured to the lady. “I am waiting for my money!”

The lady was pissed off. I dont care. If you are waiting in line, common sense dictates you get your shit together, and have your money ready!!!


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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