“All you have to do is spread your legs and let me lick. Let me lick your hot, tight little pussy.”

those words made you blush. You stared at me for a moment.

“Thats all I have to do?” you murmured. You shivered as I stroked your cheek with my knuckle.

“You are so beautiful. I just want to taste you. Just to give you pleasure. I want to make you cum. Can I? May I make you cum?”

You nodded.

our eyes lock as you slowly slide your panties down.

Your legs open and spread, revealing the silky folds of your pussy. The little button of your clit.

you smile, as I stroke the length of your slit with a finger.

“You’re so nice and wet,” I whispered. “i have been looking forward to this.”

You sighed as eased a finger inside you. “so tight.”

stroking the walls of your pussy with my fingers, I  plunged them slowly in and out of your warm wetness, filling you

You let out a long, breathless moan. You tangled your fingers in my hair, and kissed me.

You rocked against my hand, your body thrusting itself on my fingers. I couldnt hold back my groan, you were so wet, dripping all over my fingers. You were close to cumming, I could feel your pussy clenching around my fingers.

I  increased the pace of my fingers, getting rougher and rougher as I slammed them in and out of you.

You broke our kiss, as the first wave of your orgasm hit you. I thumbed your clit as you clung to me. Gasping for air, you shuddered through the last bit of your orgasm.

“Use your tongue and get me off!” you order.

Gripping me by my hair, you push my face between your legs.

The first lap of my tongue along your slit made you shiver. “You are so good.” you sighed.

I ignored you and swirled your hole with my tongue flicking it

I dipped my tongue inside your slit, gliding it until it reached your clit. I circled around it, flicking under.

I  moved my lips to your clit  and i rubbed my wet tongue on the swollen little nub. You shrieked again,  I  sucked it into my mouth .

Your hips lifted up off the couch, and you held my face in place. bucking uncontrollably against my mouth, you begged me to keep going.

You came again, flooding my mouth and tongue with your juice, your howls echoing in the room. My eyes on yours, you grinned foolishly as you rubbed yourself all over my face.

Your hair was a mess, your make up smeared from the sweat that drenched your body. Your skin was pink, and you were breathing heavy. You were beautiful.

“lick me clean!” you whispered. “you made me cum. Now lick me clean!”

I smiled. And did just that.

You unwound yourself, and smiled at me. “thank you.”

I licked my lips. “no, thank you.”

you gave me a look. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“I want you to cum when I want you,” I whispered.

You laughed. “What if I was with my friends?”

“They can watch. I dont care.”

You smiled. “I am not exhibitionist.” you covered your mound with your fingers, “but the idea isnt frightening at all.”

We snuggled into the couch, my fingers lazily tracing your body.


hmm one of my fantasies is going down on a girl while she lays on couch and her friends watches. maybe they are aroused, maybe they are freaked out. all i know is the girl I am eating out is cumming all over my face and she is screaming how much she loves it!!!


6 thoughts on “DO YOU WANT TO CUM?

    1. it was kind of scary writing it down tho..revealing that much myself. I am glad you enjoyed reading it! 🙂


    1. ah man so do i! she wouldnt have to do nothing, just lie there and let me do the work…i am quirky what can I say!


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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