“Maybe you should become a manager so you can tell people what to do!”
“Maybe I should!”
“Well, you aren’t authorized!”
No?! Then don’t get mad at me when I’m trying to do my job and some clown is doing a half ass job filling out my customers order!
That is it! from now i no longer care about my Job performance.

3 thoughts on “LOOK AT THE ALL FUCKS I GIVE!

    1. oh i am not manager material, dont you know. despite the fact I have been there over a thousand years.
      I have no people skills. i dont know the customers. I dont know procedures. and i am horrible working with my team mates, even tho the managers get tired of dealing with them, they get me to do their dirty work.
      but then “people” complained, I was actually correcting their procedures too much.
      so if getting you to do your fucking job properly and with regards to food safety then go back home. I am not a babysitter.
      I have actually had a lot of customers tell me I should be a manager.
      that they perfer me taking their order.

      that is complete bullshit.
      I could be nice and so sugary sweet taking orders and I would have a complaint that I am being a bitch.
      I would be a complete bitch, and nothing. I would be complimented on what a great order taker I am.
      I asked a customer to please wait a moment for a interaction to clear, she drove off before it cleared went to my manager and told them I was a bitch to her. I got written up. I told them I was nice and polite. didnt matter.
      so nah why would i want to be a manager when i can barely respect the people that i work for


      1. Well then perhaps you should take me up on my suggestion to go back to school to become a criminologist. It is mind numbing thankless work and you deserve better but you have to go for it or from latin carpe diem which means “seize the day.


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