I was very grumpy this morning.

But I didnt complain that much. It was just too busy, and I was being buried in tea, oatmeal and getting lost in between.

“No Chad you cant have your food” I mumbled to myself. I dont know why I would think he was in drive thru. He just came to mind. So imagine my surprise when I look up at my screen to find his order there. “Are you kidding me right now! He went to First Lane not Second!”

That made me grumpier. I didnt get to see Chad, or take his order.

Harassing him would make me feel better!

However by mid-afternoon I was fine.

Dustin walked over to Lauren’s till. I grinned. “Charge him extra” I told her.

Dustin glanced over at me, stuck his tongue at me.

I was so startled I began to laugh. “No food for you.”

“Why are you so mean?” Derp asked.

I laughed. “If I dont harass Dustin, he wont come in anymore.”

Dustin stuck his tongue out at me again. I laughed, stuck my tongue at him.

“Stop being mean to me” he pouted.

I smiled. “I am being nice today.”

“she already met her quota today,” Derp explained. “So she is being mean for the rest of the day!”

Dustin laughed. “See you Rebecca”

It always makes my day when someone can be good natured about my sense of humour. Or has the same kind of humour as me and joins in.

Nothing makes a day better than laughter and making people smile.

Its when people walk in with snarkiness that really grinds my teeth.

A customer walked in with her son. The son orders his food. She was looking around for the menu.

“Where is your menu.”

I stared at her. Really? She cant see the  6 52″ flat screens that are behind me and at the side? I gestured behind me.

“Dont you have wraps.”

“Yes. We have the snack ones and big ones.” I replied.

“A big one. I was looking for it on the menu!” The look she gave me could curdle milk. Step off woman, I really didnt need the attitude!

“Uh the wrap is the number 7” i explained.

“Well I want one of those. Not a meal. But make his a meal.” she snapped.


The United Way gave us little cards that the sick kids made to thank customers for donating to the charity. We handed them out with every order. It was really cute how men loved them.

However this woman took the card that I put in her order, stared at it then looked at me.

“Whats this?” she demanded.

I blinked. Seriously, what was her damage?

“Its a thank you card from little sick  kids who benefited from our charity. they are thanking the customers for donating to it.” I smiled.

She read it, then flung it back. “Recycle it. I dont need it.”

Then promptly walked away.

Ohkay then.



♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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