“I’ve seen the way you look at me” her voice poured over him like warm honey. Her eyes never left his, drawing him in. Intoxicating him with their whiskey coloured depths. “Do you want me?”

She straddled him, her hair disarray from their play fight, her hands had his pinned above his head.

“I think maybe we should stop, before we do something we will regret” he rasped. He could feel her heat grinding against his crotch. The sweet scent of her arousal teased his senses. Lingering in his nostrils.

He wanted to be inside her. Thrust himself deep, so there would be doubt who she was fucking!

he was startled by the dark need seizing him. She looked so innocent above him, her lip caught between her teeth. Her skin was flushed, her hair a tangled mess framing her face.

She would be tight at first, he thought, then she would take him balls deep. His cock thickened in his jeans, at the image.

He could feel she was getting wet, soaking him to his jeans through her shorts.

“Can you feel me?” He asked hoarsely.

She nodded. “I want you to rub yourself against me” he instructed.

“I’m not a little girl, anymore” she whispered “I want you inside me! I want your cock inside me, not teasing me”

He groaned. “You’re asking the impossible”

Her hands slowly released his wrists, twining her fingers with his. She  brought their hands up between their bodies.

Her eyes never left his. She guided their hands under her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. The touch of his hands on her breasts made her sigh in delight.

He watched the myriad of emotions that flitted across her face, as he cupped her breasts. Her skin was so soft under his fingertips.

“Did you think about touching my breasts?” she whispered. “because I thought about you touching me all the time.”

He smiled. “You know this shouldnt be happening.” he surged up to a sitting position.

“Why?” she asked. “Its all semantics.”

His laughter rumbled from his throat. “Semantics?” he sobered. “This from a woman who is obsessed with romance novels, candle light dinner, fan fiction? No honey, the moment I slide inside you, I will be all you think about.Your heart wont be able to help itself.”

He eased her shirt off, and smiled when she didnt cover herself. He buried his fingers in her hair, and kissed her. The soft whisper of her tongue against his, made him groan. She was so innocent. He took his time, enjoying her sighs and moans of pleasure.

“I want you to be my first.” she managed when his mouth trailed down her throat.

He muttered something against her skin. He nuzzled her breast then took her nipple in his mouth. She gasped. The heat of his breath touched her before his tongue, and she arched into him.

wet and hot. She was burning him through his jeans.

He stroked her thighs, sliding his hands up. she squirmed in his lap. He tugged her shorts off, and groaned when he saw her she wore nothing underneath. “You planned to seduce me?”

She chuckled. “Seduce?”

“Did you shave your pussy for me?” he asked hoarsely. He couldnt look away from her pink glistening folds.

She stroked herself and giggled. “No. I have always shaved. Dont you like it?” her eyes narrowed, as if she was daring him to say otherwise.

“No. I was just surprised.” he watched as her finger slid inside herself.

“Do you like touching yourself?” He asked. She nodded. “When did you first?”

She gave an impish grin. “I was 12.”

He barked out a laugh. He watched as her eyes swept close. her breath quickened.

“If I am going to fuck you, honey it would be better if I be inside you when you come.” He lowered her to the bed. Her fingers stilled.

“No honey, keep going.” he kissed her thigh. His mouth inched higher. His tongue flicked just over her clit. Her breath caught. His name a cry on her lips.

He swept his tongue back and forth over her clit drawing on it with his lips. She whimpered. He chuckled against her wet flesh, and licked up her juice.

He withdrew long enough to undress. He lowered himself between her thighs. He kissed her, stroking her clit with his cock.

“Please,” she pleaded. “Please!”

“It will hurt for a moment” he murmured.

He entered in one slow thrust. Her eyes widen. Her fingers digging into his shoulders. He kissed her forehead. He sank deep. She was squeezing him tight, squirming against him.

“Fuck, babe. Just wait a moment.” he sighed. His cock was throbbing aching to go hard and fast inside her.

she stilled. He withdrew, his hips coming slowly down. “Oh yes,” she sighed. He was filling her, she could feel every inch of him. “yes”

He chuckled. “Just like that? Or like this.” he withdrew then slammed down fast and hard.

The muscles in his back and shoulder bunched and rippled as he pounded into her. His eyes never leaving hers. Her mouth was parted, as little breathless sighs and moans escaped her lips. He took her ass in his hands, lifting her up off the bed to meet him thrust for thrust.

He was balls deep. he glanced down as he withdrew slowly. She was going to cum soon, her pussy muscles were squeezing him. For good measure he told her to rub her clit. She reached down to touch herself as he filled her again.

Her eyes grew big. “Oh my god!” she cried. She arched as her orgasm took her by surprise. Her body quivering as waves of pleasure crashed thru her.

He couldnt help himself, he was coming with her. Shooting his come deep inside her. Groaning he sank, exhausted on top of her.

She stroked her fingers through his hair. “Hmm that was good,” she said sometime later.

He rolled over onto his side, propping himself on his elbow. “Good?” his eyebrow cocked, he stared at her questioningly.

“fantastic.” she assured him drowsily. “shh I am tired. I always get tired after an orgasm!”

He let out a laugh, and pulled her into his arms. “ohkay then Sleeping Beauty.” he pulled the blankets up over them, and held her as she drifted off to sleep.


-I wanted my first time to be with M. but things dont work out in reality. So many years later, I decided to write my fantasy first time. man, i really cant write romantic lovemaking!!!!

I started writing this in the bath. Then I got too aroused. It took me forever to finish this story!!!



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