It is hard to distinguish what we need and what we want in life.

If you were to make a list of what you needed, would it be a long list of  important things that mattered to you? Could you use it?

Or if you were to make a list of what you wanted would it be just as long as your list of needs? Would it be filled of frivolous things? Random items or desires that you thought of in the spur of the  moment?

I had that dilemma last night when I was praying. Talking to God about what I needed and not what I wanted.

I learned as a child never to ask for anything I wanted because I would never get it. Never ask for things out of my reach!

I tried to ask for my needs! It really is hard!

  • k to be healthy and strong.
  • to be humble and grateful, have a great relationship with God!
  • to complain less
  • to be a great role model
  • to be happy and joyous!
  • to be employed have my home!

then I asked Him do I really need to be obsessing over finding a relationship? Why do I want a relationship so badly when I am not happy right now? A man isnt supposed to make me happy.

I felt a certain peace after my prayer work.

6 thoughts on “BETWEEN NEED AND WANT

  1. Need and Want and under which is happiness are a convoluted debate I’ve had with myself and others for YEARS. They are difficult topics to draw lines under. Am glad you found peace-

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    1. I think if we didn’t have all these electronics, all this need for materialism or this need to make sure everyone was in the same religion, we would be happier. What do I know anyway I just ramble


      1. Rambling is good. it shows one is thinking. My wants are different, but am not sure I really actually need them to make me happy. Because, ultimately, is MY happiness the best thing for the world or is it my making others happy?


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