What a beautiful day -let the headaches begin!

It was another beautiful day! The sun was shining brightly over the white snow! 

It was gorgeous seeing the trees drip with melting snow.

Yet the beauty of it all, was ruined by people who reacted as if it was their snowfall!

They would speed thru drive thru, get stuck in the ruts. Or spin;fishtail then crash into the building!

Each time a customer would complain 

“You took science? What happens when heat and ice get together?” I drawled. “Ice melts!”

So of course the insanity ensued

Lately I’ve been reading this customer complaint page on FB. There are only two fast food restaurants preferred for coffee. Tim Hortons and Mcds in town 

The staggering amount of complaints for Tims was overwhelming! It got to the point where most of the complaints on the site were about Tims. Only 1 complaint about Mcds.

This morning half of my customers were Tims’ customers!!! Do you know how I know that?! Because they kept speaking slow to me as if They were used to incompetence!

  • We don’t have dark roast!
  • We always toast our English muffins! You don’t have to ask!

I was getting so annoyed that I gave up being nice!

A customer hello’do me right in the middle of his order! “Just keep ordering!” I snapped.

“But you didn’t say anything!” He whined.

Did he need help thinking too?

“Please finish ordering!”


The next one spoke so fast I had no idea what she said. “Chicken what?”

Again she repeated, twice as fast.

“Miss. Just tell me the number!”

“Oh my god! I’m asking about”

“Will you please speak slowly! I can’t understand you!” I snapped. I didn’t care if I offended her. I spoke in a loud clear precise voice. I didn’t stutter. I enunciated my wording so I could be understood,I expected the same courtesy.


“Anywhere on the menu does it say soup!are there pictures of soup?” I was incredulous! “This is not Timmies!”


“Rebecca are you cranky?” I was asked. 

“I was in a great mood until the shit storm of stupidity unleash itself!” I sighed.

Once my shift was done, I only had to marvel at the beauty of the sun to be in a great mood!

2 thoughts on “What a beautiful day -let the headaches begin!

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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