I am so obsessed with Korean Girls and Guys  watch this on Youtube. I love watching their reaction when they discover new things. Their naivete is so sweet so cute. I think  we as Westerners are jaded, so we take things for granted what other cultures appreciate. Such as innocence, purity and the beauty of being inexperienced.

I watched Korean Girls watching American Porn.


They were so horrified and acted like little children watching a horror movie. Few were a little open until it got to the anal sex. Then all girls were cringing.

However I will admit, I have the same reaction every time I see asian porn.(which is few. I hate asian porn) I run and hide!!!!  Asian porn can be far worse than american porn.  Perhaps they are used to delicate flowery sex  ♥

I would love to see their reaction when reading 50 shades of grey.

The next video was the guys reaction. Again they acted like children seeing a man’s dick for the first time. Too big I am sure.  Probably suffering dick envy! LOL

However one guy kept reacting as if they were threatening to chop off his dick!  Exaggerate much!



    1. I found the guys particularly entertaining. One looked he was on roller coaster about to hurl. Hate to see how reacts when he gets married and has sex for the first time lol

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  1. For Asian women, a lot of men eroticize them. It is interesting though how timid and naive many are with sex… Great post, I was sent into an endless viewing of youtube videos! 🙂


    1. Yes. I was watching one where Americans were living in Korea and they found it strange how taboo talking about sex was. But if you were asked to watch a movie with a guy at his house they wanted to have sex or something like that

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