The ultimate fulfillment is by submitting myself to the only Master I will ever know.


 by prayer work did I realize the correlation. Perhaps we seek to fill the empty space in ourselves by letting ourselves submit to others. We think that the sexual fulfillment – the euphoria we feel, will not be the same when we come and praise Him.

Funny, how we submit to the will of others to make ourselves happy, to feel the kind of love and safety we desire. We feel helpless if we are not in control or relinquishing it to someone we trust. 

Not just our physical self, we surrender all of ourselves. 

But surrendering comes at a cost. Purge our thoughts,fears, bring our needs and desires to the open. Let it all go. Our anger, our sadness.

We would be judged, perhaps others would turn away from us, hurt we were so honest.

 If we surrender ourselves to Him, our physical self as well spiritual if we submit our fears our doubts, happiness, we feel a peace a quiet harmony within us.

He loves and cherishes us, God would not put us through anything he knew we could not handle.

– a sleepy random thought about the correlation between God and BDSM.

10 thoughts on “A TRUE MASTER

      1. Hi Rebecca, I made my blog private to avoid be shut down by WP. I’d love for you slip inside…click on my site and request access 🙂


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