To say I was mildly upset last night was understatement. Jordan and I were enjoying ourselves. Or I should say I was. I was enjoying myself. I was torturing Jordan. Making up for the four months of hell that I had to listen to him and GF and couldnt do anything about it.

Our days were so  peaceful and quiet. We had no drama in our lives. I guess Jordan was really miserable listening to me be very loud and orgasmic. (oh no)

He asked GF to come back. WTF!!!

I spent the rest of last night ruining their entire reunion. Was I being a spiteful bitch? You’re damn right I was.

After I came a couple of times, I realized how ironic they were being quiet now that my sister was gone.  GF had no problem screaming and hollering how Jordan was making her cum when my sister and niece was in house!

I could hear their bed squeaking quietly. “Oh fuck off! You had no problem being a loud bitch when my sister was here. Everyone in the building could hear you! What is your problem now?” I shouted. “Performance anxiety?”

There was silence. I could hear Jordan laughing, GF grumbling.

GF was quite pissed off that I would interrupt them with my commentary or my own moans and sighs.

“Oh hell no. This is my place. You arent paying rent. You can go bitch.” I snapped.

“Rebecca” Jordan warned.

“Fuck off Jordan.” I shot back. “I finally have peace and quiet and you brought that bitch back!”

There was finally silence, and I fell back asleep.


When I got off work this afternoon, I had hoped not to run into Jordan, but he was walking out the door as I was coming in. He held the door open for me.

“Thank you Jordan” I walked in.

I raced upstairs to see if her car was gone. It was. I did a victory dance. Maybe it was one night. No such luck. I got out of the shower. To find she was parking in my space.

“Really?” my jaw dropped. “Jordan!” I shouted. “She is not staying here! She is out! Out!”

I stormed upstairs but he had gone outside to work on her car.

Now I was in a mood.

An hour later they were in the shower, GF screaming another orgasm. Figures.


2 thoughts on “LIKE I NEED THIS DRAMA

    1. i would rather watch keeping up with the kardashians then have GF back here and listen to the drama. hee hee there was already drama this afternoon. but their voices were muffled!

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