How I feel sometimes.

I pray to be kind, to be patient, to be the kind of person that someone wants to be with. 

But that kind of expectation, to be noble, to be happy to be joyful all the time?

It wears a little thin.

darkness eats away at the light. And contaminates everything it touches.

I’m tired of being shiny when everyone else around me tries to put me out.


  1. Yes. I was tired of being the shiny cheerful person everyone knows and I wanted to scream and cry and be mad. It was horrible tamping the grumpy pissed me down into that crystal vase. I finally yelled at the cats and that kind of made me feel better.


  2. “What the light tends to miss is what the dark can’t resist.”
    People are genuinely shocked when I get pissed or really upset since I always put a positive spin on things and try to see the best in people. So when I give up and give in to anger or sadness unapologetically they know something is wrong.

    People expect more of what you give them.


    1. People know not to provoke me. Except my sister. I try not to let the drama get to me. I rather walk away til I calm down. Then I talk out. But if I’m needled and prodded that’s when I go bananas.
      People not respecting my space or feelings

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