Oh joy.
48 fires and it’s not even summer yet!
WTF humans! Why are you burning things in dry weather?
And throwing away cigarette butts before they are out is considered “trying”
-random thought before work.
Because people were evacuated near town, I have to walk in the smoky air. I just “love” breathing in the fiery Pitts of Hell!


      1. STUPID! Last year, one of the bigger Alaskan fires was set because an idiot lost control of a fire in a no burn area. When it was called in, they said it was a different area so they wouldn’t get into trouble!!!!!!


      2. that was like the fraser valley fires a couple years ago! A woman was angry at her boyfriend! took some letters and burned them in the forest. and started the fire that wiped out half of the valley because she forgot to put it out properly!
        I couldnt believe there had to be a fire ban put out this week, because no one had the common sense not to build a fire! there were two states of emergency and evacuations! does a picture have to be drawn here?!

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