Well, Wednesdays and I are arch nemesises again.

I really hate Wednesdays. Today was no exception!

  • there was another LNG truck rally
  • Premier Christy Clarke was in town
  • Child Tax day
  • 2 more fires plus they hadnt lifted the fire evacuations yet.
  • and the Cult came in. (my parents church)

We were busy.

Not one person was at BK.

I was in a great mood until a customer accused me of being rude. I had asked her what her coffee was because she had said a triple triple double splenda. and she started rattling off about her damn bagel!!!

“I was asking about the coffee, what was in it!” I asked.

“You know what you are rude!” she snarked.

“I was not being rude,” I replied. “I was asking about your coffee because I wasnt sure about what you said.”

“oh I just didnt see my bagel on the screen.”

Who fucking cares! Answer my question!

That really put me in a grumpy mood. Customers have no idea how serious it is to accuse a polite order taker of being rude. They get in alot of trouble by their boss!

At that point I could have cared less if I was being polite or not.

I had greeted a customer when she pulled up to my speaker. There was silence. “Hello” i asked. Silence. Whatever. I was too busy to put up with that kind of nonsense. I tried one more time.

“Hello?” all of sudden some bitch was barking in my ear. “is anyone there?”

“Yes” I answered.

“Arent you going to take my order? Hello? Hello?”

“Yes I already asked for your order 3x!”

“Oh well I had my window up so I didnt hear you!” she replied.

Lunch was just as bad.

Customer: I want a 6 piece please.

Me: would you like a 8 piece for $2 instead of a 6 piece? A 6 piece is $6″

Customer: no

Me: you dont want to pay $2 instead of $6

Customer: what?

me: 8 pieces for $2

Customer: I dont know.

Me: you dont know if you want to pay $2?

Customer: Ok I will have 8 pieces.

then the total genius that came to my window.

“Why does it say 6 pieces for 5.65”

me: because thats how much it costs.

customer: then why does the 4 piece say $1?

me: because its on sale.

Customer: I just dont understand that.

me: you dont understand what?

customer: why you wouldnt sell me the 4 piece

me: she asked you. You said no.

Customer: I did?

me: you can go now.


4 thoughts on “DOUBLE FACE PALM!

    1. Ssh ive told customers to fuck off for being douchebags! They deserved it! I’ve had cops tell me they would never want my job as it is too stressful!
      People think they can treat service people like garbage because of “customers are right” . thats just garbage!Being nice to those who serve them won’t kill people but being rude, should!


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