One of my all time favorite anime!

It really makes a person about immortality and how it affects love and death. What it all means. Do we really have all the time in the world to say “I love you” to the people we love? Watching them grow old and die while we still live on. Watching our children and their children grow.

Its a concept worth thinking about. Its fascinating and scary.


If I couldnt be with the one I love for all of eternity, then forget it! I would die as a human!

6 thoughts on “RIN: DAUGHTERS OF MNEMOSYNE: immortality

      1. I love pyscho pass I watched both seasons! The whole first season how much I loved the head games kougame and makishima played. Trying to outwit each other using their love of books and Proust. In the end makishima’s own ego ended him

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    1. it is very daunting!
      if one lives forever, maybe one can find the cure to AIDS, CANCER, all the incurable diseases. Find a way to end poverty and end the destructive behavior humans insist on implementing!!!
      suddenly the idea of Immortality is less chilling but one must not let arrogance and ego supercede!

      (Methos from Highlander) inspiration…


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