“We’ve no use for intellectuals in this outfit. What we need is chimpanzees.”
― Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Journey to the End of the Night

That is half of a quote.

What is so startling I found about it, that chimpanzees might as well be the smartest ones right now. Clearly humans arent doing a very good job on this planet.

People are clamoring for Donald Trump – what does that say about their IQ? He is a racist. He says has business ingenuity. What he has is the ability to be become bankrupt or try to  sue his way out of problems he doesnt like. So if he becomes president will he sue N.Korea because he doesnt like Koreans?

We have government officials who are trying to tell people where to go to the bathroom. Who gave them that right? Its no ones business! No ones! Certainly not some “moral” ass can who is running for some political seat!   Neutrality has nothing to do with molestation. Men or women can walk into either bathroom. There isnt a shield. There isnt a guard. There isnt lasers going to cut either in half by doing so. That kind of hate propaganda is gross. Transgendered people are not aliens. They are not going to hurt anyone. They are human. So fuck off about the neutral bathrooms.

In this day and age we should have healthcare that is affordable. We shouldnt have to demand a right to a doctor, or birth control. Insurance companies shouldnt be telling us when or which hospital to see. And ER shouldnt be jammed pack so the wait is more than 2 hours. the  Government should not lord planned parenthood over women’s head like its a knife. Its a woman’s right to have birth control free of charge. she should have the right to abort a baby if she was raped especially if it was incest.

We should be able to cure illnesses and diseases. Have Pharmaceutical companies pony up the cures instead of making huge profits of it, by delaying or refusing to give it to the sick.

Random thoughts. Probably didnt make a lick of sense. Just tired of all the bullshit I see and hear. the ignorance is staggering. We live in an age where this kind of bullshit shouldnt be happening!



  1. I kept wanting to clap!!!! And your frustration is why I wrote my blessing blog today! :o) Screw the world view and pay forward a blessing of any kind. (ok, I didn’t quite say it that way!)

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