Scarlett Johansson casting controversy revives ‘whitewashing’ debate | MSNBC

The casting of Scarlett Johansson in a role that was originally conceived as an Asian woman is just the latest example of a controversial Hollywood trend.

Source: Scarlett Johansson casting controversy revives ‘whitewashing’ debate | MSNBC

There are many asian actresses who could play this role and make bank!

  • Zang Ziyi
  • Shu Qi
  • Zhao Wei
  • angelababy

Just to name a few of my favorite actresses!

Its kind of ridiculous isnt it? How many talented actresses are looked over because Studios are afraid they wont make them enough of money because they “dont” look right.

“Because white is always the right look” – such garbage!

and Scarlett Johansson isnt all the that.


6 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson casting controversy revives ‘whitewashing’ debate | MSNBC

    1. Yes it is. I hope they don’t plan on making anymore anime live action movies just thinking about it makes me cringe!
      Pyscho pass, sailor moon, Bleach, naruto.
      Look how horrible Dragon Ball Z was…

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      1. I know, right ? But then , here’s the thing, Rebecca, I don’t think an all Asian cast will sell here in the US. Remember The Ring and the Grudge ?


      2. Oh. But I love those movies! The Ring scared me so bad I had seizures that night! The Grudge had me traumatized for 3 days!! I watched the original Grudge, and couldn’t handle watching Japanese horror movies! 💕
        Sam Raimi is the one director who can remake Japanese movies and they won’t be horrible!
        He had the original actors and actresses play Kayaeko, Takeo, toshiro
        I don’t think other directors do that!
        I love Japanese movies!
        And Hollywood should only touch them if they will keep the white washing out of it!!!


  1. As an Avenger, she is so much fun. She and Chris Evans knew each other in HS and when he and Chris Hemsworth got bashed by parents for saying her character was an assassin whore. Sheesh, people! She WAS! BUT–yes, don’t just use power names to push your movie. There is more talent out there!


    1. Exactly. Relying on A-listers to make sure a movie is a box office hit is not only lazy, but proves directors don’t have faith in their fans. Nor do read manga or watch anime. They just care about the bottom line

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