#MoreThanMean – Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment

This made me cry. Honestly how do men think its ok to write such horrible things to complete strangers, yet they wouldnt speak like that to their mothers or wives.

The producers should have emailed the harassers’ wives, their mothers, their bosses. If the harassment was meant to shame these women into quitting their jobs, these men could be shamed into losing their jobs, their families. Not only that be brought up on criminal charges!

then of course there was the people who left comments on the YouTube video afterwards. Who claimed they laughed, saw nothing wrong with that fact that these women were being told “that they hoped they were murdered. beaten. raped again”

it was just part of their job and to suck it up. They were just words. Big deal. Oh wait what about the abuse men suffered?

They failed to see how words affected both men and women. How men reacted to these tweets that women were getting every day.

That kind of reaction just blows my mind how we as people are so apathetic. The net has numbed our ability to be compassionate, to be caring about how we treat others. It has allowed us to be able to bully others anonymously without fear of consequence.


2 thoughts on “#MoreThanMean – Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment

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