I was paying my rent when I looked at the rental boards. There on the May listings was Jordan’s apartment. My eyes widened in disbelief. No! Why? Why couldnt GF just move out! I didnt want to have a new neighbor!

I finally got home, exhausted. Jordan was on his balcony throwing some belongings on to the ground below!

“Jordan!” I called out.

He looked up at me.

“Why do  I have to get new neighbors?” I cried.

He burst out laughing. “Yes, Rebecca its true I am moving out.”

“But why? You were the only neighbor I liked. You were the only quiet one in the 16 years that I lived here!”

His eyes widen in surprise. “Really? I didnt think I was that quiet!” He remarked.

“You were! The one who lived here before you? Wade? Would do carpentry work at midnight with power drills and jack hammers.” I pouted.

Jordan laughed. “The drug dealer? Yeah I had some of his buddies try to get in.”


Jordan and I talked for abit. Comparing horror stories about our apartments. His horror stories were my worst night mare.  “I was supposed to be moving out by Monday, but my mom called and told me my brother got hit by a truck in GP.” he explained “He is in Edmonton with a broken back already had two surgeries. I have to go down there. So I am leaving GF to do all the work and the walk around with Amanda”

I cringed. “Oh sorry.”

“Yea Found out I also had a pulled hernia.” he went on. Suddenly my mind went somewhere else and I started to giggle inwardly at image of jordan and GF trying to fuck. “I am only supposed to do lightweight work here and at work. But thats not happening. I am on the waiting list for surgery!”

He smiled. “Dont worry Rebecca you will still see me around. My work is around here. My new place is just up the street and I will be coming in for coffee”

He told me he got a town house for 1050 a month! My jaw dropped. “Really?”

“Yep. The kitchen is the size of my living room. The living room is the size of the whole apartment. And the bedroom? Could put ours to shame!”

I was suddenly envious. I wanted a new place. My rent was good tho. 630. His eyes widened. “You have been paying 630 while I was paying 1000?” he cried.

I grinned. “Yes.”

He went on to tell me how his new place had 3 levels. His daughter would be in the basement and no longer living in the closet.

I choked on my laughter. “she was sleeping in the closet.”

He scowled. “I would come home and there she was in the bathroom talking on her phone. Bags of chips and food in there!”

“Ew gross! She was eating in the bathroom?” I laughed harder. “Oh my god, the bathroom was the extension of her bedroom!”

“She would do her make up talk to her friends.drove me crazy. At least in the new place she will have her own room!”

Jordan also told me he could make another bathroom in his new place.

I chuckled. “No more sharing with girls.”

“Yes. the bathroom was just too small.”

“Ugh I know! almost pissing in the bathtub.”

Jordan burst out laughing.

I let him get back to work.

It was a good talk.

Maybe no one will move in.

Fingers crossed!

21 thoughts on “JORDAN IS MOVING

    1. No. We are at home we don’t see each other. He works 12 hour days or used to and comes home plays his video games. We don’t see each other except when he comes in for his coffee. That’s when I get to bug him.
      I would move out too. There are alot of nice apartments being finished up now. But my rent is the lowest in town.
      That’s because when I moved in 16 years ago, rent wasn’t bad. People weren’t paying an arm and leg for their place!
      My rent started out at 425. Now it’s 630 no renovations.
      Everybody else’s rent back then was 600 for 2bedrooms then paying close to 1000 to 1200 a month!
      They had to lower it because oil companies close of fracking. So now it’s 800-1000.

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    1. I know. I had a rough few nights. I still expected him to come home! I thought I would love the quiet. But when he moved, my anxiety flared up.
      But now I’m fine. I’m loving being by myself! I just need something to blog about again!!! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You have fires and stuff for the time being. I’ll bet it’s nice to have the quiet! But after all those years!


      2. Yes. It gets a little nerve wracking at night. Because im used to jordan pacing back and forth. And so now every time the floor creaks I get freaked out! 😂😂
        Now I have to deal with Jordan’s former neighbor on the third floor. I can hear him and I’m on the first!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Top floors are nice because you can’t hear the people below you, but the people below you are always pissed about all the noise you make. We lived in a top floor apartment in Madrid, Spain and the woman underneath us was always bitching about all the noise we made, even when we weren’t there making any noise. I think what bugged her most is that we were foreigners. I had really long, curly hair, and a full beard back then, and I just happened to have a strong resemblance the popular images of Jesus when my hair was loose. The first time the woman came up to bitch about the noise we were making, she was quite startled and crossed herself when I opened the door.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I would have loved to see the look on her face! It would have been priceless!
        I always try to be considerate of my neighbors. I like living on the bottom because I have the floor to myself. And it’s quiet lol

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Her look was priceless. In another building we lived in, the doorman used to ask me for a blessing every time he saw me, which was often several time a day! Old women often crossed themselves when they walked passed me on the street, so I always kept my hair in a ponytail during Easter week to make sure the Penitente types didn’t try to crucify me.

        Otherwise, we didn’t think we were noisy. Our land lady said the woman below us was a bit crazy and complained about every tenant she ever had. The ground floor is good for getting out of the building quickly.

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      6. Lol having people ask for a blessing and fearing a Crucifixion, would not be a cool way to spend your day!
        Im pretty sure I’m going to be the crotchety old lady who will beat with her cane if the neighbor doesn’t be quiet 😂

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      7. Like Ruth Buzzi from “Laugh In”? Did you ever see Rowen and Martin’s Laugh In. It was a hoot when I as young, which was a long time ago.


      8. I’ve seen some. Lol my favorite was the show Hee Haw. We used to watch it when I was little. Or the Smothers Brothers!

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Hee Haw and the Smothers Brothers where both great. I also liked Carol Burnett. I haven’t had a television is over 30 years, but I’ll look up clips from some of those old shows on YouTube every now and then.


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