The Boy
Oh My Gosh!
My vagina is called The Boy! 😂😄

16 thoughts on “NAME YOUR VAGINA

  1. Yeah, that might kill the mood. “I want you to f@ck the boy”, ” The boy misses you”, “I love the way you eat the boy”. Lol, My friend posted this yesterday and her movie was Jurassic World. I told her that her pussy was savage lol.

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    1. Oh no! I am cringing at the imagery! The Boy would definitely be a mood killer! Cant talk dirty with that!
      At least your friend’s name turned out alot better than mine!
      Savage! I’m loving that!


    1. Crimson Tide? 😂 now that’s a name we have for that infuriating time of the month!
      Maybe penises should be named after the last thing we ate?
      Could you imagine the vegans reply?
      Caesar Salad!

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