You followed me into the guest bedroom. The door slammed closed behind me, startling me even more was how you grabbed me and spun me around. I was pinned between the door and you.

The party downstairs was mere murmur over the pounding of blood rushing to my ears, over the pounding of my heart. “What are you doing?” I asked you breathlessly.

Your fingers stroked my hair from my face, caressing my cheek. “I’ve been thinking about you” you murmured. “About us.”

“There is no us” I corrected you. I was trying to ignore the way you made me feel. the way your touch created havoc on my body. Your smell of soap and Hugo Boss. How you’re much taller and muscular body made me so tiny and safe.

Your fingers stilled on my jaw. “It was a one night stand. A mistake.” you growled.

I glowered at you. “Which you could have paid to go away.”

Your blue eyes darkened. “Do you think I am that kind of man. I take care of my responsibilities.”

I sighed deeply. “I dont like those kind of mistakes. She knew what she was doing. You could have made her go away. But you didnt. she is here. In your life. And I dont fuck married men”

A slow smile curved your lips. “But baby, we will fuck. We will have sex and we will make love. In every way you can imagine.’

Your fingers tighten on my jaw and your head lowered to kiss me. I was startled by the touch of your mouth. Soft. Firm. Hungry. Rough.

My hands came up from my sides to push you away. The kiss deepened, your tongue teasing my lips before darting inside. My fingers slid up your abs, feeling the muscles tighten. Over your chest. The heat of your skin burned mine through the shirt.

My hands were in your hair, and I twisted my fingers through the strands hauling your head back, your mouth off mine.

“Every way I can imagine?” I gasped, my gaze was heavy lidded with hunger. “what’s a straight laced guy know about what I fantasize?”

As if you accepted my challenge, you lunge for me. You plant your hands on my shirt, yanking it off me. I giggled as our bodies hit the door, in your effort to undress me.

Standing in my panties and bra finally, I arched an eyebrow at you. “What about you? Its not fair that your still in your business casual”

You smile. I reach for your belt. Lightly stroking your cock through your trousers. Your moan makes me wetter. Your cock is thick beneath my fingers. I unbuckle your belt, undo your zipper.

You stop me. You make sure the door is lock, and take me by the hand. Leading me to the bed you lower me onto it.

Your body follows mine, you rested yourself onto your elbows. “I cant wait to be with you.” you whisper. “In every way. I love you.”

I kiss you. Your mouth moved down my throat as you pull down my bra straps, my bra to caress my breasts. Your head lowers to take one nipple into your mouth. I arch against you, a moan escaping my lips. Your tongue feels so hot, your breath feels so cool on my skin. I whimper because the sensations are so intense, I am so sensitive on my nipples.

“Please.” I croaked.

You smile. Tasting my skin as you go down lower, you tease my slit with your fingers. Stroking with a featherlight touch, till I am straining against you. Clamping my legs on your hand, I couldnt take it anymore. I needed you to make me cum.

“Why are you teasing me?” I growled.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” You asked. “We have all night. The rest of our lives.”

I smiled at the thought of torturing of you as much you were torturing me.

“Hmm I love the sound of that.” I purred.

-I love the idea of making love to M all night long. Having him cum inside me multiple times during the night. I just might have to get myself off on that fantasy!


2 thoughts on “WE HAVE ALL NIGHT!

    1. ha Pink Floyd’s Just Another Brick in the Wall? I like that song! Its very good. I was reminded of that song when you mentioned Brick. ♥

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