Well, my night of being chill and listening to music, candles lit almost was romantic.
  I heard something upstairs! The wind and rain pelting at my window did little to quiet my paranoia! I was no longer alone in my apartment building!
Still traumatized by The Conjuring 2, I turned off the music, and sat still as stone.
Sure enough, the door on my floor opened and slammed shut. Footsteps ran up the stairs. Doors slammed open and shut.
I got off the couch to investigate. I opened the curtains and peeked outside.
My eyes widened in horror!
“No! How could this happen to me!” I howled in outrage.
There was a moving truck parked outside.
I strained to hear if the people were moving upstairs or across from me!
No! I couldn’t tell.
I was finally getting used to being alone! I was getting used not having Jordan around!
I would go to sleep and wake up with my music on.
And now having someone in Jordan’s apartment? Having to be quiet again! Hell to the no!


    1. I’m hoping they will move somewhere else in the building. But as far as I know, management has made no real effort to put the stinky people’s unit in for renovations. It would cost them over 100 000 to do so.
      The unit next door to them, is not even being shown.
      And so that leaves Jordan’s and the one beside him.
      My apartment building is pretty empty. Only 4 people living there.


      1. Well I think it’s people moving out! I recognize one of my neighbors! Lol
        Happy happy joy joy


      2. No, my neighbors were totally unhealthy, unsafe unhygienic. They would not keep themselves clean or the apartment. It reeked of BO and rotting food all the time. They had 8 men staying there! 😠😠😠


      3. Lol the maintenance guy had to turn off the water to building because they kept putting grease and all their hair down the drain. He said it smelled so rank and was so dirty inside their apartment, the next time he had to do it he was having them kicked out. Guess what happened?
        And when the main fire alarms went off for the building and we had to be evacuated? The boss lady herself of the management gave them a warning to smarten up. They didn’t listen. So now no one wants to touch the Reno’s on that bad boy

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