I have to admit what a beautiful day! Its sunny, hot and clear. I love that. Well, not the hot weather. Ugh. I don’t like sweating. Does that make  me sound so girly?

Oh what an exhausting Monday!

I could have had a better day when Derp jinxed me. I am kind of superstitious. If someone says “its a gonna be a bad day.” or “its gonna be busy” I usually knock on wood. It doesn’t get so bad.

But this chooch over here decides to get up in my face. “Can I ask you a question?”

“I don’t know. Can you?”

“I am asking you a question!” Derp snapped. “Why do you get so stressed when taking orders.”

“Maybe because when I am taking orders, I ask a question and the customer gets mad at me for asking it? its a simple yes or no question. All I want is a yes or no”

Derp just stared at me. “Well take a chill pill”

“You don’t take orders. You stay out of it.” I snapped.

There! He jinxed me!

My day went downhill from there!

One customer insisted I didn’t have his order even though it was on his screen. “Its right there!” I snapped.

“No. No. Its not. I don’t see it.”

“Ok just pull up.” I sighed.

“But I don’t see it.”

“Its on your screen!”

“oh there it is. Oh, 2 burgers. 2 fries.”

I turned off my speaker. Oh, my god! I started to bang my head on my till.

People kept ordering stuff we didn’t have. Especially from an American menu! (i really wish we had American items ♥♥♥)


However, I was enjoying myself at Steve’s expense.

“Oh my god, Rebecca what the hell is this?” he exclaimed looking at the smoothie machine. The screen was filled with orders of smoothies and frappes.

I shrugged. “I failed, Steve”

He made a chai frappe. It was empty.

“Oh, my god! Really, Rebecca?! I have been working like a horse over here, and there is no Chai mix?!” he exclaimed.

I giggled.

“This is no laughing matter!” he went on with his dramatics. “How come we didn’t check the bag.”

I was laughing so hard by now.

“You disappoint me! We are now fighting!” he sighed.

“We are having an argument?” I asked.

“We are fighting now.” he turned around to toss out the bag of Chai. He then made a disgusted sound when he saw I made a mess at the coffee station. “No. You are making your sister look good. That is so bad. Really bad. ”

I howled with laughter.

I checked to see what else we need for the smoothie, while Steve went to chill.  He turned around to glare at me. “Rebecca, there better be no empty smoothies!”

I grinned. “We need coffee.”

Despite all the times I was beating my head against the wall, I never laughed so hard.




      1. OK, I kinda thought that is what it meant, but wasn’t quite sure. I’ve never run across that phrase before!!!


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