I had woken around 2 am feeling restless. I couldn’t go back to sleep, I had all these thoughts of M running through my head. To my distract myself I decided to read an eBook that I found on FB. I couldn’t make it through 3 chapters!
I was so horrified!
My jaw was opened the whole time I was reading it!!!!
I love Alpha Males, and the idea of loving protecting a heroine, but this eBook put me off Alpha Males! For how long? I don’t know! I’m still traumatized!
Maybe it’s just me, being a puritan asshole but the whole time I was reading it I was mumbling “fuck you! Fuck you! No! Fuck you!!” To the Alpha Male

It had been the trailer that lured me to the book


I mean, its sexy as hell!  However, it was Playing For Love that I was reading. Same trailers

David Taylor is the most possessive, dominant man I have ever met. Technically he’s my stalker. He is bossy, needy, nasty and devastatingly sweet. He’s everything I need him to be. And I’m completely in love with him.

Austin James is mine.
Mine to take care of.
Mine to protect.
Mine to spoil.
The first time I saw her, I knew she was MINE.
I saw a reflection of myself in her.
Broken. Damaged. Guarded.
I can’t explain the depths of my feelings or why it happened so fast. I just know she is mine and I’ll do anything to keep her.

What had my panties twisted in a knot?

  • Both were abused, so it was ok for David to take on abusive behavior and call it love. (that is disgusting! Abused or not! disgusting!)
  • it was ok for him to stalk her.
  • It was ok for him to insist on her marrying him 3 days after meeting him, because that’s love.
  • she isn’t allowed to look at other guys, guys aren’t allowed to look at her because his Alpha Male prowess would get all prissy and demand violence!
  • she couldn’t be allowed to be independent of him.
  • he deals with his insecurities with violence.

I had to stop reading.

How can any woman find a fictional character romantic, sexy or heroic when they are abusive assholes? That is not Alpha Male. That is just asshole!

I dont understand how publishing companies can keep promoting abusive non-consensual writing and call it alpha male heroes in  loving  relationships erotica.

But that’s just my opinion.

hate the opinion.




    1. 😘 thank you! Being a pussy isn’t bad! Just think how strong you are? A woman’s pussy is the size of a grape and she has to have muscles and strength to squeeze out something the size of a watermelon when she gives birth.
      So being a pussy ain’t bad 💕

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  1. This is crazy. First, how did you find an ebook on FB????? Second, I was really really really worried for a second. One of my favorite friends authors is Jaimey Grant and her stuff is GOOD. I don’t think they are the same person. I’m going to check, though. Third, I totally agree. Dominance where you control the other persons’ every word, thought, image….that is disgusting stupid wrong. I do know relationships like this exist, don’t tell me about them. I don’t want to know. Yuck.

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    1. They advertise the book. You click on it or something.
      I find half of the books I want, on FB.
      I also have my fave authors on fb, so I get recommendations from them too.


      1. OK. I am going to have to try this. Usually the only books I find via FB are because my friends have written new ones and they are pimping their latest words!


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