It was fourth of July. Which meant the annual block party on our street. Friends, neighbors, family laughing and mingling while eating hot dogs and drinking beer.

My best friend Hope and I were by the picnic tables, eating our hot dogs and gossiping when my eyes fell on the woman manning the refreshment stand.

She wore a cute blue sundress that did nothing to hide the curves she had. All in the right places! She was  leaning against the folding table, her head thrown back as she laughed. my gaze lifted to her breasts again.  a perfect handful I thought.

my eyes closed as the image of her  came to mind, cupping and kneading her breasts till she was purring, made me wet and aching.
” are you checking out my mom” Hope teased in my ear.  my gaze did not waver
” why are you jealous” I shot back.

Shannon’s long black hair fell over her shoulders in thick dark waves. Her arms folded under her breasts, the lush curves plumping up and threatening to fall out of the plunging neckline of the dress she was wearing.
“God, no!” Hope took a bite of celery. “Its just you never took an interest in me, and now here you are. Checking out my mom.”
I smirked. “Oh, I checked you out. ” I replied. “I even tried to get in your panties once or twice but you wouldn’t give me the time of day.”
Hope glared at me, “I don’t swing that way.” she smoothed her brown hair out of her face. “I didn’t know you were attracted to women!!”
“I find women very beautiful,” I admitted.
“So you like women and men?” Hope asked.
“I find it gets very boring when one can’t appreciate what both sexes can offer.” I surmised.
“Maybe you should swing both ways.” I sighed when Hope made a face. “You’re so sexually wound up, you’re being uptight.”
Hope glanced at me then her mother. “You think she is so beautiful, but she is a total bitch!”
I laughed. I turned to glance at Hope. She was beautiful, like mother like daughter. Where Shannon had curves in the right places, Hope had the kind of body a super model would die for. Thin with lean long muscled legs. Her breasts were small and plump enough she didn’t need a bra. She wore a bikini top and a sarong.
“Wow is that a raging jealous beast coming out to play?” I teased.
Hope stopped chewing on a tomato. “No! she caught me with a guy the other day. Told me I had no time for boys, I had to study more. Kicked him out and told me to stop acting like a slut!”
My eyebrow rose. I had always thought Hope was too much of goody good two shoes. She had never mentioned having a boyfriend! “Hope! You had a boyfriend?” I was hurt she didn’t tell me.
Hope frowned. “No, he was someone I was tutoring. Things led to something.”
My expression must have relayed my surprise because she scowled. “I do have boyfriends. I am not a virgin!” she reached for a drink. “she humiliated me in front of this guy. She had no right.”
I sighed. Women and their drama. “She was protecting you.”
Shannon had chosen then to walk into the conversation, with a pitcher of Iced Tea.

“Hope is everything ok?” she worried her lip between her teeth, a gesture I found oddly erotic. “You look a little flushed. Maybe you should drink some tea.”
My insides skittered when Shannon shifted her gaze to me, “hello Anna, it’s so nice to see you again.” she all but smoothed on the charm.
“We are fine, mother!” Hope murmured.
“It sure is hot out.” Shannon lowered the pitcher to the picnic table, “I swear I am hotter than a pig on spitting roast.”
“Don’t you forget about putting tanning oil on, Hope you know how you burn” Shannon went on. Her hips swayed as she fanned herself with her hand.
Perhaps it was an accident that my hand skimmed the curve of her ass. Shannon seemed to have notice but didn’t care. Ignoring her daughter’s glare, she kept on her conversation.
My body moved instinctively towards Shannon’s compelled by the scent of her. Lavender and roses. Even more so the faint scent of her arousal that drafted up to tease my heart jump in my chest. fiery heat scorched through me, making my clit hum with need.
She settled her ass more firmly in the palm of my hand, making it clear she didn’t mind me copping a feel. My fingers flexed, skimming the round globe of her ass to dip underneath the hemline of her dress. To my surprise and delight, Shannon wasn’t wearing panties.
She made a little sound, as I slipped a finger inside her slit. Rubbing her.
She placed one hand on the picnic table to balance herself, the other held Hope’s hand.
“I’m sorry about the other night, Hope” she managed. “I had no right to be so harsh with you.”
Hope glared at Shannon.
“Are you really?”
Shannon nodded. She was really trying to focus. I loved how wet she was. Her pussy juice was spilling onto my fingers as I teased her. I scissored my fingers along side her clit.
Her long black hair had fallen over her face, veiling her features. “I had no right to call you that horrible horrible word” she murmured. I pinched her clit. She swallowed back a gasp. “You can fuck whomever you want.” the words tumbled out of her mouth in a ragged sigh. “Provided you be careful. You use protection.”
“I’m not a child anymore!” Hope muttered. “and he pulls out before he comes.”
Shannon whimpered as my fingers circled the opening of her pussy. Then slid one finger deep. “Oh my god!” she sighed. “Hope don’t you know, that a man’s sperm is also in his pre-cum. He can get you pregnant even before he cums!”
I almost laughed at the situational irony. I was finger fucking Shannon while she was giving her daughter the basics of sex. My eyes were on Hope. She didn’t look too impressed. She looked mortified.
“Sex is very natural,” Shannon moaned. “I shouldn’t have made you feel so guilty about having it. We need to be very open our communication.”
The sleek wet muscles of Shannon’s pussy was clamping down on my finger. She was rocking back and forth against my hand, she was owning it. Her eyes were on Hope. Her features flushed with arousal. Her mouth parted with breathless little sighs.
With another finger sliding deep inside her, I scissored them in and out. Pumping them hard and fast.
Juice splattered onto her thighs, my fingers. Dripping onto the grass below.
There was an awkward silence, with Hope staring at Shannon then I. Shannon slowly dislodged my hand from between her thighs, there was no mistaking Hope saw my fingers sliding out of Shannon’s pussy.
Shannon smiled at Hope. “I’m so happy whenever I meet one of your friends, Hope. Maybe she can come by more often. ” she purred.
Hope waited til Shannon was gone before saying anything.
“Well, don’t make it too obvious or anything,” she scowled sarcastically.
“How obvious should I make it?” I laughed.
Hope invited me to spend the night. We enjoyed a night of horror movies and eating candy.
“Are you still mad at me?” I asked as we began to fall asleep.
Hope snuggled up to me. “You are my best friend. Of course not.” she sighed. “Oddly I don’t find it off-putting to find my best friend wants to eat out every woman in a skirt!”
I hit her with the pillow. “Now if it was my boyfriend. I would have an issue!” Hope shrieked as I hit her again.
“Ew! I would be mad!” I giggled.
She snuggled into me. “Me too” she sighed. She nestled her face into my breasts and I stroked her hair. “You are my best friend.”
I smiled, hugging her close. “You are mine too.” the soft even paced breathing told me she had fallen asleep. It took some doing but I had rolled her onto her side without waking her.
I crept out of the room, closing the door behind me. I found Shannon’s bedroom well enough. She left the door open. I could hear her husband snoring, and winced. How could she sleep with that?
The moonlight from the open curtains allowed me to see well enough, as I approached the door. I glanced nervously at Shannon’s husband.
He was in alcohol-induced sleep, facing away from me. I knelt beside Shannon. She had the sheet covered up to her shoulder, her long dark black hair fanned beneath her head. She too was facing away from me
I felt my heart pound hard and fast.
I was stupid and foolish to be in the bedroom, but there was no turning back now. I slowly peeled back the sheet. My breath caught. She was wearing a red and black lingerie bra and panty set.
I stroked her ass, down the dark crevice of her buttocks. She didn’t stir. Slowly, I kissed her ass. Pressing my face into it. My chin rested on her mound. I inched my mouth down and eased the fabric of her panties aside.
Her vulva was plump and begging for my tongue. I lapped at her. Gently, gauging her body’s reaction each time I took a swipe at her pussy. She became wet, not because of my saliva. She was awakening but did not move.
I wanted more. I grabbed Shannon by the hips, jerking her down and rolling her onto her back.
“What are you doing?” she hissed. “You are going to wake up my husband!”
“then you better be quiet!” I pulled her panties down and gave them to her. She looked indecisive, and glancing over her shoulder at her husband, then back at me, she threw them across the room.
“Hmm I have been thinking about you all day!” she purred. “thinking of a way to have you eating me out.”
Her words made me so wet, I snuck a hand between my thighs.
“Did you?”
“Yes, I couldn’t believe you were that bold! That presumptuous!” she gasped, as the first swipe of my tongue across her clit made her body tremble. “Hope must be furious! she is such a prude!”
I chuckled into Shannon’s slit. “She is ok with it. As long as you don’t bother her with her sex life.”
Shannon’s pussy tasted sweet. She ground her pussy onto my face, dripping her pussy juice all over my mouth tongue and lips while my tongue covered her clit with long laps and swirls. I licked her opening like I was starved!
Her breathless moans and sighs echoed in the dark room, her husband’s snores barely covering up the sound.
I kept sticking my tongue into her as deep as I could get it into her! Jabbing at her. My mouth, I rotated my tongue inside her opening and then licked up the pink slit! Alternating between my fingers and tongue
Shannon was propped up on her elbows, her sleepy expression now pink and heavy lidded with desire. Cupping her breasts with her hands, Shannon threw back her head, gasping. “Oh my god, I love it. Lick me. Just like that!”
Her sheets were soaked with her pussy juice, the bed seemed to tremble as she convulsed with her orgasms.
She held my head and pushed it tighter into her body each time I got to her hole. She arched her back and pushed that pussy into my face as she held my head tightly against it.
It was some time later, she finally released me. She smiled like a contented cat. “hmm if I wake up and It was just a dream I will be very upset” she purred as I tucked her back into bed.

– oh, my god! I had to stop writing! I was so hot and wet from writing I had to rub one off!
I love milf fantasies!
don’t judge! ♥

7 thoughts on “FOURTH OF JULY: EATING PIE ;)

    1. Me too!😂
      I was hungry for food before I started to write this, so I decided to distract myself!
      It did a good job! But I’m still both hungry for food and sex ha ha

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  1. Good god! I’m hard and it’s the end of the day now. Gotta wait for it to subside so I can go home and see what the wife looks like, though I’d rather watch you eating some girl. Damn girl, you write some hot shit.


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