Today my day was wonderful.

I love working with my team. I have so many laughs. We sing all the time.

“Oh my god, who is dying!” Steve cried. He looked up from marking down breaks, and checking labor.

We burst out laughing.

We begin singing again.

“Can you sing another song please!” he cried, his expression pained.

“Sure,” I smiled. “Shall I serenade you? You’re favorite song?” I asked.

He glared at me. “Dont even think about it!”
“Why dont you turn me loose? Turn me loose? I got to do it my way?” I began to sing.

The look on Steve’s face was priceless. He dropped his pen on the schedule and walked away. Awesome!

While I was in a great mood this afternoon, this morning I was in a pissy mood thanks to a customer who decided to take 10 minutes ordering. She was not impressed with me when I hurried her along.

So this afternoon, I decided to be extra sugary sweet.

my voice became like Marilyn Monroe’s

Dev  glanced at me “Really, Rebecca?” she burst out laughing.

I grinned. “Yes. I am being so sweet.”

i was so sweet, my voice gentle, low and sultry.

It was so remarkable how people responded to that tone.

Women got so pissy. Men stuttered.

It went well, until one person decided they wanted a veggie burger.

Holy fuck! Look where you are!

“A veggie burger” she said slowly, like I was a dimwit. “With just lettuce and tomato!”

“We dont have a veggie burger!” I snapped. “We have a veggie wrap!”

“Well I dont want that!”

Then go home! Does it look like I care if you are vegetarian? choose the non meat items and eat them! Like a decent human being!

“Ok we can make any burger without meat then”

“I said a veggie burger with just lettuce and tomato!”

“we dont have a veggie burger!” I shouted.


I was so pissed off with this chick I gave her a quarter BLT with no meat no Bacon.




I ripped off my headset and let out a string of expletives that would have  sent me home.



2 thoughts on “BEING SUGARY SWEET

  1. I ordered a veggie burger from someplace once. It came with just that. Lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, and a bun. I was startled because I knew this place had a veggie burger. Alas, it was called something else. I was clueless, but they were kind and got me what I wanted, not what I had ordered. I’ll never forget how silly I felt!


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