Her heart was pounding. She was crazy to think she could pull this off. Crazy to believe she had enough confidence to seduce him. She glanced down at herself.
She was wearing a jersey. One of his. It was what she wore underneath that made her panic. She wore a black lace bralette and see thru panties.
On any other woman, the lingerie would make a man harder than stone.
She put her hand on the doorknob and turned it.
The door quietly opened.
The room was dark save the light coming  from the hallway behind her. She entered the bedroom and closed it.
Her eyes adjusted to the darkness.
She made her way to the bed when she heard his voice.
“are you sneaking into my bedroom?” there was laughter in his words. She froze. Light suddenly flooded the room, as the lamp was switched on.
What was she supposed to do now? She stood awkwardly a few feet from the bed, blinking owlishly at him.
“Yes,” she answered.
He laid outstretched in bed, wide awake. Watching her. His blond hair mussed. His broad shoulders and chest bare. One tawny eyebrow rose.
“Do not tell me that is my World Series Jay Jersey!” he admonished.
She nodded.
He ran a hand over his face. “Well now I know what happened to it,” he muttered.
He raised his eyes back to her.
“You are a little old to be afraid of the dark.” he teased her.
She lifted her chin defensively. “Don’t make fun of me.”
“Sorry.” the bed rustled. “that was a low blow I know you have trouble sleeping without your night light” he chuckled.
She gave him the bird.
He burst out laughing.
It was now or never. She had to be bold. She had to go and get what she wanted! Who she wanted.
Gripping the hem of his Jersey, she yanked the jersey over her head and tossed it on his bed.
His eyes widened. “Oh fuck! What are you wearing!”
She swallowed hard. Oh god, what had she done? She was such a fool.
He was slowly letting his gaze travel over her body. Her breasts, her lush curves then lingering between her thighs.
A little rush of heat surged through her.
Finally, his eyes sought hers. “fuck,” he rasped. “What are you thinking coming into my room dressed like that.”
A smirk lifted her mouth. “If I have to draw you a picture, you really need better sex education.”
He glowered at her. “That is not funny!”
She walked towards him, praying she didn’t look awkward. She knelt on the bed. “I want you.”
There was a silence between them.
she felt so vulnerable. Sitting there on his bed. Nearly naked. He had not said one word. He was probably laughing at her.
He suddenly moved, his fingers wrapping around her wrist to haul her across his body. “Don’t think you made a mistake coming here,” he told her roughly. His words startled her. He tucked her against him, so she straddled him. “the indecision was written on your face.” he smiled.
“You’re trembling.” he was amused. “Is this the first time you tried to seduce someone?”
She nodded.
“Don’t ever do it again.” he breathed against her mouth. “The only man you are going to seduce is me.”
Her heart tripped, her thoughts scattered as his mouth touched hers. Gentle and soft.
He tasted her skin, following his hands with his mouth as he eased the straps of her bralette down.
She squirmed against him, the hot wet rasp of his tongue over her nipple made her wet and achy. “Like that?” he purred against her breast.
“yes,” she sighed.
He shifted his attention to her other breast, going back to the other til she was rocking against him, whimpering.

-this is far I got yesterday before my migraine got to me!

The initial idea was to sneak into the bedroom when he was sleeping ♥♥♥

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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