I was going on a 15-minute break. I keep my money in a change purse tucked in my cleavage. Who needs pockets when you have D cups?  it  means I can keep anything in my cleavage! I usually do.

I keep my money in a change purse tucked in my cleavage. Who needs pockets when you have D cups?  it  means I can keep anything in my cleavage! I usually do.

Well, I was reaching into my shirt, removed my change purse  the manager turned to find my hand in my shirt. He nearly had a stroke.

“Oh my god, Rebecca!” he exclaimed. His eyes widening in disbelief. “what are you doing?”

I stared  at him. “What do you mean? What am I doing? I am going on my break.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Really, Rebecca?”

I rolled my eyes!

“There is nothing wrong with what I did.”


I sighed. “They are boobs. They won’t hurt anyone. They didn’t touch my money. They are not touching you. In fact, why is there always a problem with women going topless? Yet its ok with men going shirtless?”

He was so stunned by my tirade. The girls in drive thru were laughing.

“Am I shirtless?” he shot back.

I shook my head. “I am not naked. I have layers on. So why is it a big deal? My body right?”

He stared at me. “Why did I even open my mouth.” he groaned.


So my thought is:

Why is it such a big production about breasts?

Women can’t go topless.

Women can’t breast feed in public.

Women can’t wear low necklines without being ogled.

Women can’t be braless if she is a size C and over

stop telling her she cant!

Get over it! it’s her body.




  1. And my very heartfelt thanks to you for keeping your money in a change purse. Sweaty boob money is quite nasty when you work a fair or other outdoor venue. And yes, this is a rant I strongly support! They may be small, but they are MINE.


    1. Oh yes boob money is gross. Women giving me sweaty boob money – that has happened to me several times over the years😦
      We might need to start carrying a big stick, and talk soft. Lol referring to the stance on our boobs that is! Or maybe we should talk loudly and carry a big stick 😂😘😊


  2. I thought everyone in Canada had a legislative right to go topless. I remember something in the news about women in Canada walking around topless boobs out in protest and then everyone won the right to be topless.
    Thanks for sharing about your D-cups, cleavage and change purse. The only issue I have is now when someone tries to cop a feel are they really wanting a feel or are they a thief after your cash???


      1. Time to design the ultimate bra safe to keep your boobs and money safe.
        A bra of pretty colours and lace but with a deadly underside that electrifies and amputates fingers (except for yours).


      2. Yes that would sell well wouldn’t it? Just have to somehow make everything seamless, not chunky.
        However, I just thought of something, the sports bras made for yoga(?) Have the option having padded or not. They have a little pocket to pull out the padding. Could stash some money in there. But it would be talking obvious when I’m wrestling to get it out!!! 😂😂
        The bras are pretty.

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  3. I don’t care if you go topless. I was in Europe for a couple of years and there are nudist beaches all over the place. Here is the deal though, once everyone is naked it is no big deal and completely boring. That is not due to the lack of hot young girls running around naked but it is the opposite of sex. In two days I never saw a single erection on any guy.


    1. I find Europeans are very open minded about their bodies. We are very conservative.
      We have to be bothered about everything.
      If only we take the Europeans approach to our bodies, to life so to speak, we wouldn’t be so uptight and we would be relaxed and happy!😉😊


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