TGIF was such an understatement today!


I walked onto my shift, and within five minutes of my shift I completely lost my cool.  I was so frustrated with how Second booth was being run.

I got the Second booth under control, the times back under 2 minutes and was feeling better until Someone took over on First. Oh, that did not make me happy.

Everything went straight to hell in a hand basket. First booth and the coffee person were arguing over coffee. Which coffee to make, how to make coffee,  they already made it blah blah blah.

That bickering slowed down drive thru, confused the Presenter because we were constantly waiting on coffee. That really infuriated me. “For someone who keeps bragging about how they can do coffee by themselves and take orders at the same time. You can’t take simple instructions.” I pointed out to First Booth. “I have had enough. You keep doing orders.” I told her and then turned to the coffee person. “You just do coffee.”

First Booth opened her mouth to protest. My eyes narrowed. “I am running drive thru. Do not argue with me. Just do it!”

First booth closed her mouth and did as she was told. Things were going well until Devi took over for the coffee person. Devi and First booth don’t get along,  I didn’t really care about that. I was tired of the drama. I let Devi deal with her.

My prayers were answered when I got to be on window. YEA!!!


My day went well until a customer came in. He is one of those people who always has to complain about something. Who thinks they know everything about anything and tries to put service people in their place even though he is a tradesman. Ironic.

I have had to let him know numerous times that treating my co-workers like that was unacceptable. Yet he still does it.

He came in yesterday and I had the extreme pleasure of serving him.

“My drink is medium” he snapped at me.

“Excuse me?” I was bewildered.

“My drink is medium”

“Yes, I know,” I replied. “I didn’t ask you  to upsize it did I?”

He blinked.

Today he came up to me, with a scowl. “I want a big mac meal. The double mac meal. That’s the number one.”

Yeah, I know. I work here. Thanks for pointing that out.

“And I want a hamburger. Plain. That means no pickles, no ketchup no onions nothing on it. Just meat and bun.” he snapped.

“That’s what plain means” I replied ever so sweetly. “Nothing on the burger, right?”

He was so taken aback, he stared at me. “and I want a pop. a medium. a medium sized drink.”

“again. Did I ask you if I you wanted it to upsize? you do realize all meals come with a medium drink?” I asked.

“Well yes.”

“Ok then,” I smiled.

After that, my day went well.


I had been making coffee, enjoying my relaxed state of mind. And then it ended when window commented. “is it just me or is that mother changing her baby on a table?”

I thought she was kidding.

I turned and my gaze went to the playland.

My eyes widen, my jaw dropped in horror.

right there, the mother was changing her baby on the table with families nearby eating their food.

I dropped the coffee. “aw hell no, bitch!” I cried. I started running.”move it, excuse me. Oh, my god! no!” I managed to get into the playland.

“Excuse me!” I snapped. The entire family turns their head to stare at me. They had brought their own food, yet thought it was ok to drink pop they didn’t pay for in their own cups. “We have a diaper pad in the family bathroom. Don’t change your baby on the table!”

I marched back into the lobby and told the lobby kid that he would have to sanitize the whole area once the family was gone.

I wasn’t even back in the kitchen 15 minutes  later when a customer came up to me “You were just in there telling that lady not to change her baby, but she is doing it again. On the bench.”


I turned to the manager. Who stared at me blankly.

“Well, ” I said.

“Wel, what?”

“Go deal with it”

“You deal with it,”he said.

“me?” I exclaimed in disbelief. “You are the manager.”

“Go ahead.” he said.

Really pissed off now, I went back into the playland. “Alright, I asked you not to change your baby in here.”

“I didn’t I changed his clothes. his pamper overflowed.”

I groaned inwardly. “Yes but his pee got everywhere. His poop whatever got everywhere. Its contaminating the food area. It doesn’t matter. You didn’t buy anything. You sat here for two hours. Now I am asking you to leave.”

“Are you serious?” the ladies asked.

Why do people ask me that when it’s clear from my facial expression and tone of voice that I am very serious? It was redundant and irritating. I glared at them. “Yes, ” I marched back out.

“Thank you,” I scowled to the manager, “For making me look like the bad guy again.”

He laughed. “You do such a good job.”

“Fine,” I walked to the back office and explained to the restaurant general manager that I wanted a manager’s badge since I was doing manager’s duties.

He looked at me, took off his badge handed it to me and handed me his keys. “Thank you,” I said, walked back up front. “I am now a manager. Now I can do manager duties”

Everyone laughed.

I didn’t trust the lobby kid to do the cleaning job right so I decided to do the job myself.

I was in the process of  cleaning the entire section when another huge family came in and made a beeline straight for my tables. I couldn’t believe my luck. What is it with people and their lack of observation? If a person is cleaning a table? Fuck off!

“This area is closed” I stated coldly, “Please sit in the next section”

They stared at me. “Next section please” I repeated.

They weren’t impressed. Like I cared.

After that fiasco, I went back to the window. “This is karma for when I was part timer” I exclaimed.


My eye started to twitch when one part-timer started to beak me off about a procedure. He was handing out change from $100 and didn’t count it back. “Stop. Please count the money back to the customer.”

He stared at me. he Stared back at the customer.

“When you are handing out money, you always count the money back to him. In front of him.” I explained.I made the customer give back his money to the part timer so he could count how much he got back.

He did count the money back and waited for the customer to leave with his order. Then he turned to me. “I really don’t care if he sees me count his money back.”

I clenched my fingers and bit my tongue. “I care. You count his money back so he knows exactly how much money he is getting back. So he knows you are not ripping him off.” I snapped.


when the clock hit 4? I never ran so fast off the floor!


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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