I am feeling all jazzed up! so many crystals to wear!  I went to the crystal shop to buy two more bracelets. Carnelian and fire agate. Sacral chakra. ♥

  • clear quartz
  • garnet
  • amethyst
  • strawberry quartz
  • sodalite
  • dendrite
  • merlinite
  • tree agate
  • adventurine
  • rose quartz
  • selenite with pink tourmaline
  • super seven

Every person needs to feel love and empathy, and sometimes peace and harmony.Or wear a crystal for meditation, intuition, and calm

I wear only one -three bracelets and one necklace during the weekday because of my work place uniform code. On the weekend I go crazy!


meraki dreams



3 thoughts on “PEACEFUL

  1. I wear, almost all the time, an oblong shaped amethyst on a cord. It is one of my favorite necklaces and I think I’ve chipped it…The stone is handy to suck or chew on.


      1. It is also supposed to help with health. I like the color and shape and perhaps the calming part is when I absentmindedly stick it in my mouth to suck on it!! (at least it isn’t hair or a pencil!)


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