I kissed you slowly my hands in your long silky hair. You palm my ass, as you grind yourself on my knee. I am happy to feel your not wearing your panties under that skirt of yours, because you’re so wet already.the skin of my thigh is glistening from your juice as you rub yourself back and forth. Fuck, you are so sexy.

Your breasts beg for my mouth, your nipples so hard through that halter top you wear, and I inch it aside so I can taste you. 

You’re making little sounds of pleasure as my tongue circles your nipple, before my mouth clamps on it and sucks hard.

You’re fully aware, we are drawing a crowd with your little sexy moaning. Your seductive grinding against me. You’re so turned on by thought of being watched, you make sure you’re the star. Whimpering how wet you are, you need me to make you cum. You take me by the hand and lead me to the nearest table. Help you on it.

I can’t wait to have you. You see the hunger in my eyes, the hunger in your audience’s eyes. Slowly, you peel your skirt off and fling it into the air. there are cheers. you lean back on your elbows, lifting your legs and parting them.


Your pussy is waiting for me!

Glistening,pink begging to be devoured by tongue and lips.

Your fingers reach down to part your pussy lips, “what are you waiting for?” You purr “eat me. Make me cum all over your face! Now!”

I am happy to comply. I run my fingers over your skin. So soft. So silky.

Your scent is incredible, I kiss your thigh, making my way to your pussy.

My eyes on yours, I brush my lips over your slit. You sigh. My mouth settles over you, gently kissing your clit. I am taking my time, teasing you. Watching your face. Your eyes as they widen in ecstacy, your mouth parting with little cries of pleasure. Your fingers are in my hair, pushing my face into your pussy. 

“Stop teasing me!” You beg. “Lick me.”

Other hands are slithering in from the dark, cupping your breasts. Gripping your hair, pulling your head back to hold you still.

My tongue circles and laves at your meaty little clit. You taste so good. I can’t get enough of you. Your body begins to tremble with your orgasms. Your cream coats my tongue. All teasing stops. I go after what I want. I want you.

I thrust a finger deep inside you, to coax another orgasm out. Your clenching muscles tighten around my finger, as I jack it in out of hard and fast. You are screaming as your cum hits you hard, your pussy is rubbing all over my mouth.

I lift my eyes to watch you. I’m so wet and excited by the sight of you. You make me so hot. By the taste of you, by your moans.

You are so beautiful, stretched out on the table. Legs open and spread. Your breasts being palmed, while you lose yourself to the sensations of your orgasms.

-hmm yum. I was so wet. And couldn’t do anything about it!😠

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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