50 years of STAR TREK 

The Trouble with Tribbles and I,Mudd have to be my favorite episodes of Star Trek! 💕💕

9 thoughts on “50 years of STAR TREK 

    1. I loved that episode. Kirk’s exasperation at the Tribbles was hilarious! I also liked how they revised the episode Star Trek Deep Space nine: Tribbles and tribulations. They had gone back and time and found the enterprise crew with the Tribbles and Worf had to explain the history of the Tribbles and the Klingon empire. why he had the ridges in his forehead and the past Klingons didn’t. It was a good episode.

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  1. I love that Tribbles (Polygeminus grex) have appeared in Star Trek The Original Series, The Animated Series, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise as well as Jar Jar Abrams version of Into Darkness. In the Blu-ray set of Enterprise there is a disc that has all the tribbles episodes. I’m especially fond of the Trials and Tribble-ations, just seeing Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrel) in a red TOS uniform makes the blood flow in all the right places. Her legs! Oh MY!


    1. Oh my Jadzia Dax 💕💕💕
      I loved her and Worf!
      Until she came along, I was shipping Worf and Deanna Troi!
      Then Dax came along and when Worf was practicing in the holodeck with his weapons and Dax joined him.

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      1. My faves are:
        TOS: Ensign Rand and #1 from the Cage which was the original pilot but didn’t get aired when TOS was released. She was played by Majel Barret. OMG super sexy.
        TNG: Dr Crusher. Her legs, her red hair… I liked Tasha Yar.
        DS9: Jadzia Dax, well we’ve already gone there.
        VOY: I’m a typical boy so Seven of Nine. I mean, if Jeri Ryan doesn’t make something move, then your heart must have stopped pumping to vital organs.
        ENT: T’Pol see above for Seven of Nine.


      2. I loved Tasha Yar! She exuded such sensuality and fierceness! Her relationship with Data made my heart pitter patter! I loved Seven of Nine! She definitely made me pant a little! I really enjoyed the maternal relationship Janeway had with Seven.
        T’Pol – sweet mother of pink don’t even get me started! I wouldn’t mind undergoing Pon Farr with her. 💕💕💕

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