It should also be fair to say, that men shouldnt have to compete with a woman’s phone.

Communication is key to a relationship.

Yet one of the most dangerous distractions in a relationship is not an another human being but the smart phone. We are afraid to communicate one to one, rather we do it by sms or direct message.

We are beginning to lose our human connection. There is no depth of emotion in emoticons or the LOL.

We are becoming to dependent on technology to do our connecting for us. It’s so easy to write “i love you” and send it via social media, or IM but gut wrenching to say it face to face and risk the agonizing pain of rejection in person.

Technology cant love.

Technology can’t feel what we feel.

We need to put away our phones and communicate with our eyes, touch, words, lips, our bodies.

That’s the best kind of connection.



  1. You don’t need to own technology to not communicate. All you need are lives which are too busy for each other. I’m often alone and housebound. He’s always busy doing. Always. Before I left for the summer, I can count the times on one hand where communication since Jan has existed. Crazy, huh?


    1. Hugs!!!
      I dont know how you do it. I would be very sad and lonely, (dont be sad because I said that, please) but because I have been so alone, I would get antsy with all the conversation.
      but on the other hand, I miss someone to talk to. the weird conversations.

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