Customer: do you have tea lattes?

Me: no. We have tea or lattes.

Customer: do you have mint tea?

Me: yes.

Customer: but not peppermint!

Me: peppermint is our mint tea.

Customer: I don’t want peppermint! I want mint!

Me: peppermint is our mint!!!😠

Customer: well,i don’t want that!

I list the kind of teas we have. She chooses Green. When she gets to the window she has a freak out because she didn’t have milk in her tea!

Bitch you didn’t order milk!

Another customer ordered decaf caramel macchiato.

“I’m sorry we don’t serve macchiatos. We have latte,espresso, cappuccino or americano”

“You don’t have decaf macchiato? Ok I will have regular macchiato”

I explained again we don’t have macchiatos. So he orders a latte.

Right after that customer another customer insisted I make a decaf latte!

I informed we don’t have decaf Espresso drinks.

He was adamant that I make him one.

Finally, my pleasant attitude evaporated. I snapped.

“Sir, this is not Starbucks! we don’t have decaf Espresso drinks! Not yet.”

Grr. Customers acting like petulant children!


  1. Although, I recently learned mint is not peppermint. Have a friend who is allergic to all mints and even though these two are different, their are not the same. (I had never met anyone allergic to mints before!)


    1. I never heard anyone have such a fuss about peppermint! True, mint is much more tasty and less brutal on the taste buds!
      I like spearmint, and I don’t like peppermint.
      My niece and I use to have tea parties where I would pretend she served me peppermint tea, and I would be dramatic about the tea. It would make her laugh.

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