So someone buys me an ice cream cake for a belated birthday party someone is throwing for me tomorrow. A Star Wars rebels one to be exact.

And I get into trouble for it.

How does that work?

Because apparently my obsession with food is beyond ridiculous!

Uh. I don’t have an obsession with food. 

I never asked for a party.or for a cake.

Start taking the pills, stop being all crazy. Better yet don’t yell at me.😠😠

10 thoughts on “MY OBSESSION WITH FOOD 

  1. How does this make you get into trouble? Ice cream cake and belated birthdays are great! Ice cream cake is great, period! I want some ice cream now! lol


    1. I like ice cream pizza better, but I just like the filling. the fudge and oreo! ha ha. my parents think I eat out too much! oh well, I dont live at home. I dont answer to anyone but God himself! 🙂

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    1. my mother! She thought spending $43 on an ice cake was ridiculous. Especially since I am not a big fan of ice cream. someone was hoping for a big turn out, but it was just my friend Diane, Justin and two other people. However, I ate some of it. my niece ate most of it. Diane of course had some. The poor girl must have been bored. some people kept talking about work. ugh.

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