Social anxiety doesn’t exempt you from saying “please and thank you”

You can be excused for no eye contact, or mumbling, but there is no excuse for thanking someone who serves you.

– my thoughts on a post by a woman who says it’s ok to be rude because there are people who suffer social anxiety.

I suffer social anxiety! I can be  abrupt, avoid people’s eyes when talking to them. But I am always polite! There is no excuse!

21 thoughts on “PLEASE AND THANK YOU 

      1. Yooooo! Listen now

        bored of my mind i cant sleep even though i do have a girl in my room, i guess that proably is it, no trust so go figure what this one could and did take out my room,certainly not the computer that is why i am here, so go figure the girl relationships i have so in the meantie i listen to this


  1. Obviously, these people were not raised by my mom! No matter what kind of response a worker is giving me or what kind of day I am having, kindness and being polite are what matters the most. (Maybe they should watch Harvey, old black and white movie! Great truths in that)


    1. hee hee your comment made me remember something! one time I was having a horrible day. Our speakers were really crappy. we couldnt tell if the speakers were on or off when we were done with the orders. I was dealing with a high maintainence woman, she kept asking me such stupid questions and I was so frustrated because I had answered them over and over. I had thought I turned off my mic and was speaking to my cash person, “Oh my god, I am going to shoot myself!” I cried.
      “Excuse me!” she cried. The cash person was laughing so hard.
      Oh I guess she heard me, she pulled up to the window, and she glared at me. What?

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