I am finally moved in!

I considered this move such a blessing!Image result for happy bunny emoji

I had all my prayers answered!

  1. I wanted to declutter my life!
  2. I wanted to be able to live a minimalistic lifestyle. or try to.
  3. I wanted a new place.
  4. I wanted my sleeping space separate from my clothing space. DONE!!!

Some people would have been upset having damaged belongings or having to garbage them, but not me.

I wanted to try the Marie Kondo way of organizing. I found out about her on Pinterest ironically months before the flood.

I kept thinking maybe I could achieve the serenity zen-like home if I used her methods!

'Keep only those things that bring you joy':

How to declutter your wardrobe (roll things in drawers instead of putting them on top of each other - that way you can see everything you own!):

how to REALLY declutter: the marie kondo method:


Designate a place for each thing
This is the routine I follow every day when I return from work. First, I unlock the door and announce to my house, “I’m home!” Picking up the pair of shoes I wore yesterday and left out in the entranceway, I say, “Thank you very much for your hard work,” and put them away in the shoe cupboard. Then I take off the shoes I wore today and place them neatly in the entranceway. Heading to the kitchen, I put the kettle on and go to my bedroom. There I lay my handbag gently on the soft sheepskin rug and take off my outdoor clothes. I put my jacket and dress on a hanger, say “Good job!” and hang them temporarily from the closet doorknob. I put my tights in a laundry basket that fits into the bottom right corner of my closet, open a drawer, select the clothes I feel like wearing inside, and get dressed. I greet the waist-high potted plant by the window and stroke its leaves. My next task is to empty the contents of my hand-bag on the rug and put each item away in its place. First I remove all the receipts. Then I put my purse in its desig-nated box in a drawer under my bed with a word of grat-itude. I place my train pass and my business card holder beside it. I put my wristwatch in a pink antique case in the same drawer and place my necklace and earrings on the accessory tray beside it. Before closing the drawer, I say, “Thanks for all you did for me today

the life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo


“Thanking” your belongings for the joy they have given you before you throw them out.

“Thanking” your belongings for the work they helped you with.

In honesty?

In the end,  I didn’t  have the patience for it. I had a hard enough time letting go of my books.

Image result for goodbye gifs

I wonder if she has an  approach to crystals?










4 thoughts on “IT IS A WONDERFUL CHANGE!

    1. Thank you!
      it was hard!
      I cried like a baby!
      I kept some. I felt better after I put them on a shelf. never again do I want to go through that!
      People might make fun of book nerds, but we live a thousand life times, we meet a thousand lives, we cry a thousand tears and we love a thousand loves. so it is heart break to lose even one book.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just started an eBook. I can’t recall what the name of it is, but I haven’t stopped reading it after the first page so it’s good. Plus it’s a mystery😃
        And after that one I’m going to re read a Pamela morsi book.
        Her marrying stone series are so good. So was Courting Miss Hattie!
        Gah I’m thinking about all my favorite books now!😞😭
        Oh well, it’s good

        Liked by 1 person

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