the first night

I was bit wary of my first night sleeping in my new apartment

Not because of Jordan. But because of the previous owner Wade and his girlfriend. Wade’s girlfriend had overdosed and died in that apartment.

“Oh my god, Rebecca you are going to be haunted!”  my coworker cried. That was the first thought that entered my head when I began to unpack!

I quickly got out the incense and burned some. That eased some of my paranoia.

When I finished unpacking, the next thing I did was check out the bedroom. I wanted to see if Jordan and GF left any evidence of their fucking on the bedroom floor.

It was hard wood floor, and they hadn’t used a rug to keep the bed from scraping along the floor. From my apartment below it always sounded like a trainwreck.

I couldn’t believe it!

Not even a scratch.

No dents to the wall or  heater guards.

How the hell was that even possible?

There weren’t repairs made to any of the walls from that kind of damage.

I was dumbfounded.

However, I found out why they liked having shower sex so much!

“oh, my lanta I am going to catch an std in that thing!” I muttered.

That tub was well worn in. On either side. As if someone dug their heels in the bottom of the tub was dragged along, leaving their heels grooved into the sides and bottom.  The porcelain was chipped.

Recalling the numerous times Jordan and GF having sex in that shower, I grabbed a bottle of bleach and sprayed that shower. OCD thing.

I turned on the water. Nice steady stream. Until I turned on the shower. I got in.

The water hit me.

It was like I was being hosed down by a water pressure washer.

I screamed.

Oh my god, he installed a massage shower head. With one setting!

Trying to turn off the shower was impossible, the shower curtain was blowing in my face from the force of the water hitting it. I got tangled up.

I had to fight off the curtain, cover my breasts so my nipples wouldn’t be flayed off.

I finally managed to turn off the water. I stood in the tub, seething with rage. “Jordan!” I shouted.

Grumbling, I wrapped a towel around myself and finished getting ready for bed.

At least I got a good sleep.


23 thoughts on “the first night

      1. If only you could afford one of those ‘rain’ shower heads that are big and feel like you’re in a heavy warm rain shower.
        I once went looking at a place to rent that used to be a brothel, the shower was amazing. It had jets on the walls, multiple hoses and heads pointing in different directions. Oh and lots of glass and mirrors.


      2. Oh I want one of those showers! Multiple showers head could raise the water bill or lower it depending how long one stays in it. 😉My previous shower head had 8 settings on it!
        But this one is so much better.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. If it’s for play and not for improving muscle circulation then I’d go for Jadzia or Ro or Lursa to accommodate the Trill, Bajoran and Klingon requirements 😃😉


  1. My dear, Becky. I laughed and laughed. I would have scrubbed and bleached the heck out of that thing! And I’d make sure my crystal dish had some sort of rock in it which would ‘hold’ sex haunts in it. At least the ones you didn’t want! As for the death, mayhap that is why Jordan and GF fucked soo much! lol I am sending you good karma and thoughts! And yeah….I get those showers. NOT cool, people, NOT Cool!


    1. Oh my lanta I was thinking about the “sex haunts” too. Why Jordan was fucking all the time. The woman was a prositute before she died!😲😂
      I burnt some sage incense in the bedroom last night.
      And I need all the good thoughts and karma so thank you!😉
      Ha ha I just bleached the tub! I’m about to have a shower! Are you sure you are not mind reader?!😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Don’t you find it ironic that you moved into the apartment that gave you constant sexual stimulation?

    BTW you can adjust the shower pressure by turning down both the hot and cold water faucet instead of all the way on.


    1. Yes I find it ironic. But I am really happy now. My old apartment was so gross and stuck in the 70s. They wouldn’t renovate until I move it out. Doing it myself would cost alot. I would always envisioned a better place for my place, and the flood was an answer to my prayers. So I’m really grateful
      I found out how to adjust the pressure a couple days later after I moved in.
      The pressure is amazing, I love it


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