Another erotic dream!

Jordan and I were having a contest who could make their girl scream loudest.

The dream started innocently enough.

I had a guest over. She was a beautiful MILF. When GF started wailing in her orgasm.

“Oh my lord, I thought no one wasnt allowed animals in this building!” She exclaimed horrified. “Is someone abusing that dog?!”

I started to laugh. “No, that’s my neighbors! They are fucking!”

“Oh you have got to be kidding! She sounds so horrible!” The woman sniffed. I laughed harder.

A couple awkward moments pass, the bed starts to squeak with enthusiasm.

“He is like a sex god!” I told her. “He used to fuck her for hours!”

She squirmed in her seat. She smoothed her hair, and played with her collar.  “Well, to be honest I’m getting so wet listening to that!”

Her confession made my heart beat faster. GF’s wailing was louder more graphic.

The woman looked at me,  biting her lip. “this might seem awkward, but Would you mind if I play with myself?” she asked.

My eyes widened. “you mean right now?” I stammered, as she took off her leggings  she saw the way I was staring at her.

“If it makes you uncomfortable, I could leave” she hesitated with her panties.

“No I mean, I am not uncomfortable.” I admitted.

“Do you want to watch me?” the woman’s voice became husky. “Do you want watch me finger fuck myself?”

I licked my lips. I wanted to do more than that, but if all she was just  going to do was make herself  cum was finger fuck herself, then I could watch.

“Please. Go ahead.” I smiled.

She sat back down on the sofa, and slowly peeled off her panties. She kicked them to the side. She made a slow deliberate show about revealing herself, lifting her feet up. She bent her knees to her chest. The pink glistening folds of her pussy peeked out at me.

She stroked a finger along her slit, before widening her knees and letting her legs fall open.

“Do you like it?” she purred. “Do you see how wet I am. I bet you want to touch me. Do you want to?”

She spread her pussy lips, letting me see her clit her clenching hole. “I  bet I can be just as loud as her. Do you think so?”

“I think you would be just as sexy”

Her finger circled her clit, playing with it. She moaned softly. She teased her hole, letting a finger dip inside. She took my hand. “Make me cum. Finger fuck me.”

She moaned as I rubbed her clit, “just like that.”

She was so soft wet and hot, I loved how she felt.

“oh fuck yes!” she cried, as I flicked her clit pinching it. I pushed a finger inside, sliding deep…

Her body arched, as I hooked my fingers in her and began a come hither motion

She began to pant, making little whimpering sounds. “harder…” she gasped. my  fingers fucked her for a couple minutes. She moaned, juice dripping down her thighs onto the couch. I was getting so wet watching her as my fingers worked her into an orgasm.

She was becoming so loud and vocal, her fingers clenching and unclenching on the sofa. Her skin flushed, breasts heaving. Her hair a mess.

“Im going to cum!” she cried. she was screaming my name as an orgasm ripped through her. I got on my knees and buried my face between her thighs. I opened my mouth on her clit and began to suck.

The sounds of GF, Jordan fucking and  the Milf screaming echoed in the room. I wasnt sure who was the loudest. GF and the woman were each doing their best to out do each other, didnt help GF’s cause when Jordan told her to be quiet so he could hear us.

Suddenly the door flew open.

“mum?” a girls voice cried.

I lifted my head from between’s Milf’s thigh to find a younger version of her at the door.

“Oh my god!” the woman cried. She pushed my face down to her pussy. “Cant you see Mummy is busy.”

“but mum!” the girl cried.

With a sigh, the woman sat up and looked at me. “How do you feel about threesomes?”

  • I had to wait all day to write this!!!
  • screw Jordan and GF!



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